Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Los Angeles to Boycott Arizona

Today, there is one American city Los Angeles (LA) which 'chooses' to ignore federal law and create a boycott against other American cities and the State of Arizona (AZ), which 'chooses to embrace and follow a federal law.

The law concerns people who are not citizens of this country and break our laws to come into America. These people are rightly named illegals.

The feds (which are required by the U.S. Constitution to protect our borders and American citizens) won't help the state of AZ control the problem of illegal border crossings. This in turn has caused an explosion of criminal activity within the state of AZ, hurt their economy and their citizens.

Now an American city wants to further cause harm to another state because of AZ's choice to follow the law.

Why are Americans not standing together on this issue or at least let AZ handle their situation without any outside comments?

Why are Americans fighting one another over foreign law breakers?

Why aren't the foreign law breakers not following American federal law and go through the 'proper' channels to come into this country?

I can not begin to understand how American elected officials could be so irresponsible to a neighboring State, their own state's Constitution, and the U.S. Constitution, and federal law then cause further harm to Americans over foreign law breakers and non tax paying free loaders.

It would seem to me that LA has more to loose on this boycott deal than AZ does!!!!!!!!!!

It would seem that one could call for a reverse-boycott of LA and California as a whole by no longer going to the movies and supporting the film industry which is huge in California.

It would seem that this reverse-boycott would hurt many in that industry, including the prima donnas that star in these movies. The City of LA has thousands of tax paying homeowners and consumers that are employed by the film industry. Should they not be employed, because no one is buying their stuff, then that would hurt the tax coffers in LA and CA in general.

If movie patrons were to drastically drop out of going to the movies, renting DVDs, buying DVDs, buying Hollywood related fashion wear, no longer watch any program on TV produced in California including the Award shows and other TV specials and basically anything in California would this effect the Cities in California?

Could a LA/CA reverse-boycott help to persuade the elected officials in that state to withdraw their boycott of Arizona and shut the hell up?

It would seem that California, in it's attempt to attack another American State, has far more to lose than Arizona.

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Unknown said...

Cal is quickly becoming it's own 'state' of mind. MI has been stealing a lot of their movie thunder now for a few years, but now MI might be reversing themselves on some of the tax breaks they have given the movie industry to come there. Figures, Liberal Granholm going to kill their own success on this issue.

I am big on boycotting anything Cal.
Speaking of support, here is where we can all show our support of Gov Brewer.
By signing the AZ support petition below.