Friday, April 30, 2010

US exempts Russia, China from Iran sanctions bill.

US exempts Russia, China from Iran sanctions bill 

Is this really any surprise that Obama doesn't have the nads to go up against Russia and China. These are his kind of people... His ideology.

What has happened in this country? No one here, that I have heard, will take a stance with Russia or China. Is it that China holds our economic heart in the palm of their hands? Most likely yes. This is one DAMN good reason we need to buy down our debt with them first and foremost. This IS an national security issue of great urgency, folks!

Second, my gut tells me Obama is avoiding an escalation of hard feeling between Russia and the US. And Obama will cave in to them. Most likely to avoid a more harsher escalation of an arms race with Russia, in a time when Obama is trying to down size our protective weapons, our nuclear arsenal.

This is the most weak minded person this nation has ever seen or elected to office.
How can the Joint Chiefs stand idly by and continue to listen to Barack Hussian Obama hand down orders?

It's time to stand for the nation, stand strong, stand tough, stand for our endearing future!

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