Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Levin-Sh*ting his pants

Here we have a Senator of 32 years in the Senate, who is grilling Mr Sparks from Goldman Sachs, quotes an email, that quotes the word 'Shitty Deal' from one email. ONE email.
This hearing is being held to get to the bottom of Goldmann Sacks past investment that, alone with other bad deals by other financial institutions, eventually lead to the economic meltdown of the US economy in 2008

But then, Carl Levin continues to use his harsh wording. "Shitty", when talking with Mr Sparks.
Listen to this exchange.

Now where is the professionalism here by a Senator of 32 years?

He uses the term shitty deal or shitty 12 times, obviously to humiliate Mr Sparks.
Hammering at him over and over about a "shitty deal".

If I where Mr Sparks, I would have told Senator Carl Levin, "HERE is the SHITTY DEAL that was forced on us by the US Government, Senator."

Carl Levin and ANY Senator who was serving in congress in 1998 served up a REAL SHITTY DEAL to the American public and the US economy by arm twisting financial institution to make loans to people who were not qualified to get them based on their income at the time.
Carl Levin is a classless fool.

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