Saturday, April 3, 2010

US Congressman doesn't care

US Congressman Phil Hare, D -Rep Quincy, IL is not concerned with the US Constitution vs the healthcare law.
His quotes, not mine.
When confronted by his constituents, this is what he had to say
"I don't worry about the Constitution on this."

He believes "in life liberty and the pursuit of happiness", even though this is stated in the Declaration of Independence. But he embellishes as, 'again it doesn't matter to me, either one'

He cares more about 30 million vs the US constitution that protects 300+ million

He doesn't know where in the Constitution it gives him and Congress the authority to mandate purchasing a product.

On top of that, he makes this statement:
"I have read the bill 3 times"
8100 pages, at 1 minute per page would take 5.6 days, times 3 times, comes to nearly 17 days straight of reading, when it was only available for 72 hours, so basically he only read 4320 pages, if that much.

This is the kind of Representation we have in America.
Thank god my elected Representative voted NO!!!


Chris said...

He said what he was thinking. We need to show more of the true Democratic party.

Unknown said...

OH yeah we do. This is the kind of hard evidence that exposes the left. Henceforth APDP & Bonsai. :))