Monday, May 30, 2011

Never Forget

On this Memorial Day we remember our fallen in battle and off the battlefield.
May God bless and keep our worriers.
May god love shine upon them.
May gods love embrace their souls.
May they never be forgotten.
May their sacrifice for our freedoms last for over a 1000 years.

Remembering our Fallen Heros as we watch and listen to another American hero,
Ronald Reagan!


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Never forgotten here Mark and thank you for the post!

Unknown said...

This goes double for you, Christopher. Even though I didn't know him, your dad is remembered here also my friend! :)

Silverfiddle said...

Makes me nostalgic for a time in America when we still elected real, grown-up men as president.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...


You have no idea how much your word's here mean to me but I can say I thank you sooooooooo much for them and can guarantee that my Dad would consider you not only a Patriot should he have met or conversed with you but also a friend, as I do.

Thank you again, Christopher

Unknown said...

It appears here in todays America, someone forgot to leave the grownup light on after Reagan left 'our house', Silver. Thought it would be a fitting tribute to honor him today also.

Christopher, it has been my ultimate pleasure!
God Bless America!

AdamsPatriot said...

Thank you for the post Mark.

Just got back from a Memorial Day rememberance in Jefferson Barracks National Cemetary in St. Louis.

Hundreds of people were there, but the most moving image I saw was a fraile old man, hunched over from old age and using a walker to move a few short inches at a time.

He was heading up a slope to a grave to pay his respects to another fallen soldier.

Through great personal effort he reached his objective and for just a few short minutes visited with an old friend.

It gave me pause to think of his efforts on this day an to reflect upon what all those graves meant to Our Rights and Our Freedoms.

God Bless America!

Unknown said...

Through your words, AP, I can see this in my head. What a moment to reflect back to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to our freedoms.
God Bless this old man and his efforts to visit a fallen friend!!
And god bless and keep you, AP!

Unknown said...

Thought I would share a Poem by a 6th grader at Lineville Intermediate School in Wisconsin. Read by Governor Walker:

I read it on Memorial Day 2011: The Poem of the Fallen A pinewood box, Dressed in red, white and blue, Holds a solider who died for you. He was only nineteen, When he was deployed, He should've lived with no danger to avoid. The morning he died, He saw our flag, His reason for serving, Not so vague. When his life flashed Before his eyes, He could already Hear his family's cries. And as the trumpet Sounds today, With 21 guns to send him away Remember him with honor in everyway, And pray for our soldiers everyday.