Monday, May 23, 2011

Kloppenburg Defeats Prosser Like Dewey Defeats Truman

As reported on Politico

Wisconsin’s elections board on Monday certified judge David Prosser as the winner of the hotly contested race for the state Supreme Court, handing a victory to conservative activists who flocked to the race as a referendum on Gov. Scott Walker’s law restricting collective bargaining for public sector unions.

The results of a state-funded recount by Wisconsin’s Government Accountability Board have Prosser, the incumbent, leading liberal JoAnne Kloppenburg by 7,004 votes – a margin of just .46 percent out of nearly 1.5 million votes cast.

Kloppenburg, a state assistant attorney general, requested the recount last month after the initial count had Prosser leading by a slightly larger margin of 7,316 votes. At the time, she said that voting “anomalies” were “widespread” in the April 5 election.
The race became a referendum on Walker’s controversial union law, which he signed into law in March. The law is still being challenged in court and could be taken up by the state Supreme Court.

The attack referendum on Walker, is just that, an attack.... With no teeth.

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