Monday, May 9, 2011

Marxist Educators Amongst Us!

The University of Missouri St. Louis employs Marxist professors, instructing students on violent communist tactics and radical uprisings against business.

Now you might say it was edited and Doctored up, but according to Philip Christofanelli a student at the University of Missouri’s who took the “Introduction to Labor Studies” course, 
"the class was taught simultaneously by Professor Don Giljum of University of Missouri-Saint Louis (UMSL) and Professor Judy Ancel of University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) and that the class met every other Saturday for seven hours, including breaks. All of the classes were recorded and put on the class website. Since that time, an organization known as Insurgent Visuals has released videos of the class, which have gained considerable media attention.  To be clear, I am not Insurgent Visuals, nor associated with them.  I did not edit any videos or put them online. I did, however, download the original videos off of the class website and give them out in their entirety to a number of my friends in order to obtain other opinions on the propriety of what occurred in the class" 
And of course the steps he thought he should take moving forward.

His conclusion and that of his friends was that:
"Professors Giljum and Ancel used a public university class to promote their own radical political opinions and organizations, and to train students and union members in negotiating tactics that are apparently illegal, and profoundly unethical.  Their behavior was highly unprofessional and inappropriate, and the University of Missouri should simply admit that fact and take steps to ensure that classes are not taught in that way ever again."

"We are political, but apartisan.(???) We are radical progressives correcting wrongs, and we also eschew beltway. The only corrective to journalistic malpractice is the use of truth by the people to tell the truths hidden by elites. We hope to be part of that correction."


Silverfiddle said...

This is the result of a government sponsored education system. Private enterprise would not put up with such nonsense.

Unknown said...

Totally agree, Silver. Time to end taxpayer funds to Universities that employ Marxist, as they are educating them to bring down free enterprise, the very same liberals who want more taxes from these business. But then, if they achieve their goal, there won't be anyone to tax. LOL.
But all kidding aside, can't believe our kids are being subjected to this CRAP!

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

The funny thing is I agree with them just not on their side.

Our founders did it and it is about time we did to rid ourselves of this scourge known and lived by these people in the video.

They say history repeats itself and we are about to see that happen if the right button is pushed and it will be with this talk.

Most of the pansies involved in the video have no clue what it is to even hold a weapon let alone fire one, they know nothing of history and thus have no idea what a real revolution looks like. When they a taste of it they will find it very bitter and be clueless as what to do besides run.

I have no love of violence as I am sure most Patriots do not but in the same breathe I know what I will do and others of the same thinking when faced with violence, intimidation and the very loss of freedom not for ourselves but that of our children.

Unknown said...

Had to read your post over a couple of times, Christopher, just so I understood what you meant.
I am waiting, watching and physiologically ready if THEY try to undo what our founders revolt against. It's their game plan to restore European style social-elitism And our tax dollar are paying for their brainwashing.
Of course the odds are overwhelmingly against them. :)

AdamsPatriot said...

There was a show today on St. Louis Talk Radio 97.1 on the Dana Loesch where Dana interviewed Phillip Christofanelli.

Here is the link to the audio for the on air interview with Philip Christofanelli:
and click on Phillip Christofanelli.

It will help fill in the blanks on this subject.
Also, Phillip is a first hand witness to the violence that Professor Don Giljum brought upon a student Journalist Adam Sharp!

Sadly, even after this thing blew up UMSL has decided to stand behind the course that is being presented!

Mahkee said...

Such paranoia & delusion you're peddling. Schools present all kinds of philosophies: liberal, conservative and other. The students learn how to weigh and assess those philosophies and ideas. That is called critical thinking. You're just dragging up the ghosts of 1950s era witch hunts. Admirers of McCarthy perhaps? So pathetic.

Unknown said...

Mahkee, did you watch this video? These videos, in their entirety are also on the Insurgence Video website.
I will quote the instructors:
"...In certain instances industrial sabotage doesn't have its place, I think it certainly does"
"I can't honestly said the I never or there has been a time when I have never wished pain and suffering inflicted on others.. it certainly has it's place"
"Violence is a tactic and it's appropriate to be used when it's an appropriate tactic."
"Until it succeeds (terrorism), then it's a revolution"
"The American labor movement wouldn't have had the success without that kind of militancy."

This is NOT critical thinking. This is reactionary thinking and their student along with others have brought forth to the nation the peddling of Marxist ideology within our Universities.
You want to call it McCarthyism, go right ahead. Obama has brought this out in Americans.

AdamsPatriot said...

How in the world can this blog post subject be comparied to McCarthyism?

Defined: McCarthyism is the practice of making accusations of disloyalty, subversion, or treason without proper regard for evidence.

This issue is well documented, the facts are presented for all to see, the reporting on the issue is accurate, the school does not deny the subject and it's teachings and infact supports it, and there are witnesses to all events.

What the truth is, here in the comment section, is that Mahkee is trying to demonize the report so people will take their eye off the truth of the subject. The only one who is indenial is Mahkee!

Unknown said...

Well put, AP!