Thursday, May 19, 2011

Liberal Attack Ad: Despicable Lie

This Ad taken out to lie about Paul Ryan's serious budget plan to cut our national debt by $6T and save Medicare from extinction was produced by The Agenda Project.


This is a very disturbing Ad. Overboard and a flat out lie by the Agenda Project
The Agenda Project was founded by Erica Payne.
Payne, a liberal hack, with a socialist agenda, served as a senior strategist for the Roosevelt Institute to envision and build a new public policy think tank for economic and finance sector policy. At the Roosevelt Institute, Payne co‐edited "Make Markets Be Markets: Restoring the Integrity of the US Financial Markets" and produced a major conference by the same name that included George Soros.

Soros, need I say MORE?

In case you didn't know, Ryans plan does not effect anyone over 54 years of age. Medicare will remain a federal program to help seniors and those less fortunate or the disabled.
In 10 years, Ryans plan gives seniors a choice to either stay on the Government program or get $15K a year in vouchers to by their own policy... And is adjusted for inflation.
I personally would rather have the power in MY hands, not the liberal left nor the Government.
The left however don't want Government to loose this control over people... They believe Government knows best!


Anonymous said...

Remember, we are the fear mongers.

Unknown said...

How come every time we warn about the ills that would ensue from the left policies... We are right?
Nancy Pelosi started spreading this BS propaganda back in late April. The right proved that wrong, but they continue to use the same style of fear mongering.

Chris said...

Republicans are trying to save this failing liberal program. The Democrats want to bankrupt it as that will serve them.

Unknown said...

Chris, some on the left have said that this video does nothing but get people talking about the subject. How can anyone talk about this subject if at first its screwed to a lie by the left.
It’s a sad approach to begin the discussion with.

LD Jackson said...

This is another prime example of how the Republicans are always on the defensive about their policies, any of their plans. They are constantly mischaracterized and the general public is misled about what the plans will actually do.

I know the Republicans are not perfect and Ryan's plan isn't perfect, but at least it's a start. If I believed even a third of what the liberals and the media tell us about the Republicans, I wouldn't like them either.

Unknown said...

LD, I find myself, every time a liberal speaks, to research what they say, just to make sure it's accurate and everything is being told.
Yes, Ryans plan is not perfect, but a good start in the right direction and it needs to be embraced by the American people. This kind of crap from the left, as in the video, just spews hype to falsehoods.

Unknown said...

The left Democrats are the most vile, evil group of people i've ever encountered. What are they so mad about? It mostly started when Bill Clinton was caught in the Monica Lewinsky scandal and they were trying to save his skin. I pray that this November republicans can take back the Senate and we hear a lot less of them.

Silverfiddle said...

Someone smart on the right needs to make a commercial showing the entire United States sliding into oblivion.

Quick cuts to everyday scenes: backyard bbq's, college campuses, offices, shopping malls, grandparents with their grandkids in the park, suddenly jolted, happiness turns to fear. America is tilting and they are all sliding into the abyss...

I'm sure some artful filmmaker could do it.

Unknown said...

Lynne, they are mad because they are loosing with American opinion and have to come out with the 'shock and lie' campaign card to try and convince the America people that the right are the devil.

Silver, there you go, what a project for a rightwing blogger to come up with... hmmmm... About the same ad with Uncle Sam in the wheelchair? :)

Chris said...

They can't run on policy or the outcome of their policies, that's for sure.

The racist left-wing and Democrats are showing their true colors now that Herman Cain is in the race. All those Democrats that voted for "Obama's white half" are coming out in full force against Herman Cain. I hope black Democrats wake up to the racism within the Democratic Party. I hope Cain wins. Not because he's black but because he isn't a RINO.

Unknown said...

Should be an interesting race, now with Cain.
Funny how I was talking about Cain and Obama with my wife and how could it then come down to race, if Cain is the nominee for the GOP.
She likes Cain, too.