Sunday, May 15, 2011

Gingrich Slams NBC Meet the Press

Newt Gingrich slams NBC's host, David Gregory, for levying racism towards him.
Just because Newt called the President 'The most successful food stamp President in the United States'.
Newt also Slams the President and the NLRB for breaking the law to try and punish Boeing to move to a right to work state.
Wonder how many liberal heads exploded in the Control booth at NBC?


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Newt "says" all the right things and then does the opposite so as you can guess I am not behind his candidacy.

That aside, I am at a loss as to what Gregory was getting at when he prefaced his question with mention of the location of Newts speech, the State of Georgia? Some may think this mention was for accuracy but his tone suggested something else as far as I am concerned.

I have not researched this as of yet, but is Georgia top-ranked as is related to welfare?

AdamsPatriot said...

It is no secret that Gregory is a left loving pile of crap (LLPC) that couldn't find a balance in politics if his life depended on it.

To suggest that food stamps is a racial issue says that there isn't any white people on food stamps nor are any white people hungry in America.

Now let's try to stretch our imagination to the point of no return for that situation to be anywhere near the realm of reality.

For Gregory to compile those words into a sentence of seriousness over the national airwaves would demand that Gregory become retired immediately.

BTW, Gingrich isn't going anywhere except back to Georgia.

Unknown said...

Christopher, not sure if it has anything to do with being top ranking of welfare, but in as much is that that is where is was said. The left will use racism tactics to try and guilt the voters in to voting for Obama. I am almost certain of it.
Just wait until the Republicans have chosen the person to run against Obama and see the left use this card every step of the way... Even if it is Cain who gets the nod.

AP, for Gregory to even suggest the Gingrich's comments, that included the words Obama and welfare in the same sentence, was a racist thought unto itself. Gingrich even said 'Thats just bizarre." But Gregory covered himself by say 'other have suggested' to clear any libel off of NBC.

AdamsPatriot said...

'Others have said' that Gregory's comments are libelous and that Gingrich should sue.

'Other's have said' that Gregory is being partisan not journalistic on national TV to give his favorite candidate the upper hand and should be removed from his position on MTP.

'Others have said' that Gregory is....well I just don't want to spread rumors about his sexual preferences, so I won't, even though 'others have said'.

WTF kind of an imterview is that?!

Chris said...

I like Newts books. He is a smart man that would make a great adviser to a Republican president in 2012.

Republicans have to stop taking the bait from the MSM.

Unknown said...

I would have to agree with your statement, Chris.
"He is a smart man that would make a great adviser to a Republican president in 2012."
Watch the entire interview from the above piece and, as I am sure you have heard by now, Newt has pretty much shot any chance of becoming the Rep nomination. The rest of the interview shows that Gingrich was pandering to independents left of center people and its WAAAAAAAY to early to be doing that.