Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Keystone Pipeline- A big fat NO

An oil industry source is quoted to have said today that the US state dept spokesman will tell Canada, the oil industry and the American people, including the AFL-CIO, that it will reject the Keystone pipeline from Canada to the gulf coast region.

Their reasoning is that there has not be sufficient time with in the 60 day requirement from congress to study the environmental impact for such a project.

Of course, the studies have been sitting on Obama desk now for 3 years and The pipeline had been through several other federal, state and local approvals. But I guess he was too busy taking his 23rd vacation in as many years to pick it up and read the damn thing.

The problem with what is expected to come from the state dept is…. IT’S NOT UP TO THEM TO EXCEPT OR REJECT IT!

It’s the Presidents’ sole decision based on the legislation passed last Dec from the payroll tax cut extension.

But of course the deal that Boehner cut with Reid, assured that even if the decision was to come from Obama, he’d reject it anyways.
Reid and the Obama Administration have been bloviating how the House Republicans are obstructionist.
Well, what the hell is THIS, then?

Of course, for the State Dept to reject it, (even though they have no power to), should tell you one thing.
They are trying to protect Obama during an election year. To Protect him from having his direct administration official(s) make this public statement, all the while the enviro-n-chief spends his time campaigning and not governing.

Canada's prime minister has warned if the U.S. can't get collective sh*t together, Canada will look to team with China.
"Unfortunately Prime Minister Harper of Canada just this week said because of the volatile indecisiveness on the part of this president, that they feel they are being held hostage and they will take their energy elsewhere specifically to Asia and China," Jack Gerard, president and CEO of the American Petroleum Institute,

The NRDC has recently stated “It is not in the national interest to lock the United States into supporting an expensive and dirty form of oil for many years to come. Also, additional capacity for tar sands oil perpetuates America's addiction to oil, and undermines the clean energy alternatives that would bring genuine energy security."

GENUINE Clean energy security? Do they mean the type of energy, like solar panels? You know, the technology that has already costs us nearly $3B in the last 2 years and we have NOTHING to show for it? Do they mean the “alternative energy” that at best could only provide this nation with only 20% of its energy needs to keep its economy sputtering along?

This administration and its lunatic cronies have a mission. To see this nation roll back to the horse and buggy days.


FIREBIRD said...

Did you catch that - the rail companies will get bigger profits for hauling the oil that WOULD have gone via pipeline..... and one of the MAJOR COMPANIES is a rail line owned by Berkshire Hathaway, whose C.E.O. is none other than Warren 'TAX ME MORE' Buffet.... FOLLOW THE $$$

Unknown said...

Thats one I have not heard, Firebird. All in the name of money for those who want everyone else to pony up more, so they don't have to.
Amazing, Warren- my secretary pays more taxes- Buffet is stringing this along. Wonder how much money he has contributed to Obama blah blah campaign thus far?

Silverfiddle said...

I don't discount what Firebird says, but I think this was a simple calculation for Obama: Go with the enviro-nuts. Also, the pipeline people probably didn't offer him a big enough bribe.

Unknown said...

LOL, Silver. That could very well be true.
I have yet to see any statement from the AFL-CIO on his decision, have you?