Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Iowa Barbs- Romney vs Gingrich

Here we go folks. The removal of Barack Obama starts tonight in Iowa as the Republican nominee selection process begins in earnest.

As the current polls come out in Iowa, we find Romney, Paul dropping slightly, while Santorum surges from 9% to 16%. Gingrich has moved up slightly to 14%.

The big number in the last poll before the caucuses are the undecided, which stands at 41%.

That's a huge number.

Those polled, who are undecided, say they don't know where most of the candidates stand on the issues.

Ever wonder why? Because most of the candidates have NOT taken Ads out on their positions, but have spent their time taking shots a Newt Gingrich. All the while, Newt brings forth his position ON the issues.

Over the course of the past 2 week, fisticuffs have been tossed around between Newt and Mitt.
Newt has stayed as positive as he can. Don't know if thats a good idea or not. But you decide for yourself.

But I can't say the same thing for Romney.

Gingrich has repeatedly called out the other GOP presidential candidates -- Romney, in particular -- for airing negative ads in Iowa, many of which have targeted the former House speaker

"I've asked Romney for three weeks to tell his PAC to quit running negative ads. I've pointed out again and again that this is a terrible way to run for office," Gingrich said. "We have stayed positive. All of my ads remain positive."

Romney, however, said that the problem lies with Gingrich's poll numbers, not political advertising.

"The super PAC that happens to endorse me has put some ads out -- I can't control those. We're not allowed to have a coordination between a campaign and these independent PACs," Romney said. "I'm sure they may have had an effect, but you know, the speaker's had just as much difficulty in the polls in New Hampshire as he has in Iowa, and I don't think there are any negative ads going on there."

First off this is true, Newts numbers have been low in New Hampshire, so is everyone elses, because Mitt has always been a favorite there. Even in the last go around in 2008. So thats not the issue. Way to dodge the debate, Romney.

Second, Mitts comment of  "I can't control those, We're not allowed to have a coordination between a campaign and the Super PACs" is just plain wrong.

He can control, and he can coordinate.

FEC rules state that candidates can raise money for Super PAC's as long as it is collected and used BY the PAC. AND can plan campaign strategy via the use of communications ad. He just can't coordinate expenditures coordinated with candidates campaign.
In Citizens United, the US Supreme Court once again explained that ‘prearrangement and coordination’ presents the ‘danger that "expenditures" will be given as a quid pro quo for improper commitments from the "candidate."

So I'd have to say, Newt has a legitimate beef.
Romney should call off his Super Pac Dogs so he can campaign on the issues, that Iowans are saying they lack the understanding of from the candidates.


FIREBIRD said...

Romney is a condescending, smarmy F***WAD.... everyone wonders why Newt's upset - with 47% of the ads in Iowa being against him? Shock! I hope Newt kicks that asshole back to Massachusetts - they deserve him - WE DO NOT!

Unknown said...

Well based on the razor thin margin won by Mitt last night, Romney is clearly NOT the front runner. Newts already in NH to start is campaigning there, but the real contest starts in SC and Florida. Those are the contest I am waiting for.