Thursday, November 10, 2011

Who's Lying, Who's Honest

During Herman Cain's press conference on the allocation of sexual harassment charges, a question was asked by a CBS reporter if Cain would be willing to take a lie detector test to see if he was lying or not.

Now, at that point I busted out laughing. It just figures. The left leaning MSM asks this question of Cain, when no such question was asked of Sharon Bialek, his accuser.
It was at that point I knew the liberal media didn't buy what Herman Cain was telling them.

But Cain, without  missing a beat said yes he would be willing (which I am sure that reporter got pushed back in his chair by the quick reply)

So a local CBS affiliate in Atlanta discovered that a local PI has a $15K piece of software to detect lies by voice recognition, and according to the reporter, this software is used by law enforcement and that Cain was not lying.

But guess who was?


Silverfiddle said...

Here's how you can shove the settlement question back in the left's face.

When the inevitable slobbering lefty asks,

"If Cain wasn't guilty, then why did they pay out that settlement? Huh? Huh?"

The response should be: If Cain was really guilty, then why did the women settle out of court for such a paltry amount? Why didn't they hire Gloria All Red and sue for millions if it was such an egregious slam dunk?

Unknown said...

Good Point, Silver. What was it, $200K?
Another point to make is it would be of pubic record that the NRA had a suit levied against them, and not Cain.
Cain didn't make the (it really is a) separation agreement. The NRA did. And why didn't the Sharon woman file a suit against Cain for emotional distress for the incident? Reason, no witnesses, as is the case here.
They are trying him in the court of public opinion... aka politics. Thats all that this is about.

FIREBIRD said...

Here is my 'standard comment' on this mess:

Cain has nothing to gain by taking a LD test - if he fails, he's toast because everyone will believe the results; if he passes, the left will say it was rigged and ignore the results. Cain just needs to keep hammering on his innocence (and start investigating Axelrod, whom I am convinced is behind these 'eruptions'.