Monday, November 21, 2011

Recall Governor Walker is Childs Play

As the effort is underway in Wisconsin to recall Scott Walker, petitioners decided to head off to Occupy Milwaukee to collect signatures. They figured they could probably get plenty of them there to sign.

However, they made the decision to stack the deck, by collecting signatures from underage children, and buy their signatures from them with cigarettes.

Watch, and at the 1:13 mark you'll hear one of the petitioners say 'This is to recall Scott Walker'

After I came across this video, I took the link and decided to post it on Scoot Walkers Facebook page.
Which prompted a Walker haters/Occupy Milwaukee fleabagger to slam my Defenders of Prosperity Facebook page with a barrage of comments un-related to the my post of the video on my page.

And then after removing the comments that were laced with profanity, I got this barrage of comments:

It didn't stop for quite some time.
None the less, this guy doesn't have an account with Facebook anymore.


Silverfiddle said...

The fleabaggers are so witty and articulate, aren't they?

Excellent job of boob baiting, my friend!

Unknown said...

Silver, it was something to watch. I got many people who were watching this saying this was an incredible display of a liberal head exploding they have ever seen. I finally had to tell this clown to go take some Prozac and call me in the morning.

This guy was for sure a boob, and that’s putting in nicely. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Too bad the girl has been identified and her legal age confirmed by the Media. You should get your facts straight before accusing people of wrong doing.

Unknown said...

Fact? What media? Care to share? You make the claim, but show no proof.

Unknown said...

Well well well, looks like the union thugs got to the poster of the video. It is now private.

Chris said...

They can't help themselves. The monkeys at the Detroit Zoo are more mature and social then these OWS thugs.

AdamsPatriot said...

anon, is that you Walter? Have you got your story straight yet?

Unknown said...

Walter, no, how could that be? His name clearly states Anon..... :)