Saturday, November 26, 2011

Occupiers Obstructing Capitalism

This has NOTHING to do with the 1st amendment. This is an attempt to block people from moving about of their own free will!! 
Its time us normal people take matters into our own hands.
Occupy Oakland protesters blocking access to Apple store. One guy got in, but it almost started a brawl.
I hope I run in to these assholes, while I am trying to 'Occupy' a store to make my Christmas purchases.
This is an enfrigment of our rights to move around freely and spend OUR money as we see fit.
Occupy a shower.
Occupy a bath.
Occupy a jail cell.


Silverfiddle said...

According to recent polling data, you are not alone. The stinking herd of feral OWS pigs is losing popularity by the day.

Unknown said...

In San Fran they forced an Old Navy store to close with customers inside, until the police came.

Guess it's time to go shopping with a billy club, Silver.