Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Convenient Coordinated Effort

Last night, President Barack Obama made good on his threat to Eric Cantor to take his case “to the American people.”
But the people he’s counting on most are not the general public, but the small core of left-wing activists planning nationwide protests at congressional offices today.
Example would be Former “green jobs” czar Van Jones said in a column on the Huffington Post entitled: Tuesday: Rallies Everywhere to Save the American Dream“: (TAKE NOTE OF THE TIME OF HIS POST. 11:52 AM ON THE 25TH, 9 HOURS BEFORE OBAMA'S SPEECH)
Enough is enough.
Speaker Boehner’s decision last week to walk out in the middle of negotiations with President Obama was the last straw.
The time has come — at long last — for America’s super-majority to stand up against the extreme, hostage-taking tactics of the Tea Party minority in Congress.
Tea Party Republicans would rather shred America’s safety net and also risk tanking America’s economy than raise taxes one penny on their super-wealthy donors and corporate backers.
This Tuesday at noon, everyday Americans will finally have the chance to be heard, across America, at the local offices of every member of Congress. The American Dream movement — which includes dozens of organizations and thousands of individuals who are standing up for the middle class and working class families — is calling for emergency mobilizations across the country tomorrow.
Moveon.org has sent emails to its members, asking them to demonstrate outside Republican congressional offices tomorrow:
Our only chance to move the Republicans is to make sure that the dire consequences of their actions are laid directly at their feet. So with other leaders of the American Dream movement, we’re putting out an urgent call for every patriotic American to show up outside Republican congressional offices on Tuesday at noon to deliver a crucial message: “Don’t destroy the American Dream.”
And then there is Obama referring to Republican members of Congress alone:

So I’m asking you all to make your voice heard.  If you want a balanced approach to reducing the deficit, let your Member of Congress know.  If you believe we can solve this problem through compromise, send that message.  
The timing here is just way too convenient to be accidental. President Obama is probably coordinating his message last night with the message that the left-wing faux grass-roots will try to broadcast around the country today, hoping to portray their well-planned efforts as a spontaneous response to Obama’s prime-time address. 

To counter this, I would highly recommend you do the same with your congress representative and tell them to stand with responsibility before Obama and the Senate Dems push us all over the cliff.


Chris said...

Obama staked out extreme left ground during his prime time address to the nation...calling for higher taxes when even Harry Reid's latest proposal includes no new taxes, only spending cuts. This puts Obama to the left of Harry Reid, one of America's most liberal Senators. Since Obama has taken office he has gone after small business like they are an enemy of the state. Most of us work for small business and we know that these small businesses are what will grow this country out of this massive recession. We also know that raising taxes now will only make this recession and jobs creation unlikely at best. We also know that Congress has had a bipartisan agreement on raising the debt ceiling. Obama has made his point clear that he hates small business and the private sector. He will stop at nothing to do harm to this economic powerhouse.

Taking money out of the private sector hasn't done anything to recover our economy. Growing our debt will only make things worse in the future and he knows it. So why is Obama hell bent on shrinking our economy even more?

Obama has already told us who he would screw if Congress doesn't pass a bill before Aug.2. His promise to not pay Social Security and our military is what he will do if he doesn't get what he wants. So in other words, if we do raise taxes on the private sector small businesses we are screwed. If Congress doesn't pass a bill before Aug.2 he will screw the little people. When are we going to wake up to the fact that Obama is trying to put us in a lose lose situation? It's time to push Obama on his choice to destroy small businesses and the little people by passing the bipartisan bill. Let him pull the trigger and live will the consequences. It's time to play hardball with this economic idiot and call his bluff.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

As is with the Wisconsin fiasco, the 'automatic' crowds in D.C. previous to the news of OBL's demise and people fainting at Obama speeches,,etc., nobody or at least the majority of people will take these faux action's at face value.

People are awake and very aware of the economic situation of the Nation and very keenly aware of how it affects their personal economic situation so no BS protests will sway their opinion.

Unknown said...

Chris, "His promise to not pay Social Security and our military is what he will do if he doesn't get what he wants"
If he does go through with this threat, he'll be in violation of law. He has NO authority to order the treasury to withhold paying SS or the military. That is up to the House.
As one member of congress said yesterday (his name escapes me at the moment) if Obama was to order such a thing, he can and will be impeached.
This whole thing sickens me by the President of the United States making threats against his own people. That is a sure sign of a dictator in waiting.

Unknown said...

Christopher, I am sooooo praying you are right on this. Sometimes polls out there say in certain aspects of this debate they agree with Obama.
I say (when I read or hear those polls) have the American people fallen asleep again??

Amusing Bunni said...

This was coordinated and came from O, down to his little minions. Good catch on the timeline, Mark.

No one is going to pay attention to these unhinged protestors, just like no one is paying attention to the clown in chief.

Silverfiddle said...

Whatever deal comes out of this won't solve anything. We all need to stay focused on the main task: Defeating Obama in 2012. Then the real cutting can begin.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Bunni. Wasn't hard to track this effort by the minions of Obama. Their efforts are so predictable. Read somewhere that more GOP supporters rang the phones in congress than the unhinged left were able to.

Silver, very true there will probably be some sort of deal made with accounting tricks and gimmicks to get us to at least $4t. We will need to make sure the left don't try and steal whatever thunder the right gets out of debt reduction deal, so conservatives can control the debate in 2012, take the Senate and Whitehouse, pass a balance budget amendment and get us out of this mess.

Chris said...

I posted a link on my blog that will connect you to your Congress person. Please take the time to call them. It only takes a few moments. We need to keep them busy and this gives us the most bang for our buck. Thanks.

Unknown said...

Caught that, Chris. Thanks for sharing the info. here! :)