Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bulls, Bears & Bullsh*t

Why is this hack on Bulls & Bears on Fox News this past weekend? (why is she on Fox News, period)?
She has no economic background in whatsoever.

Dr. Heldman earned her Ph.D. in Political Science from Rutgers University, and is currently an Assistant Professor at Occidental College in Los Angeles. 
She currently teaches American Politics and Public Policy, Research Methods in Politics and Public Policy and Disaster Politics:  New Orleans in the Wake of  Hurricane Katrina.

Her perspective on Capitalism is "It highlights the incompatibility between Capitalism and Democracy....Capitalism allows wealthy people to amass wealth and power"......
Capitalism allows ANYONE to amass wealth.
She's not doing to bad herself, thanks to Capitalism.

BTW Dr.... We Are a Republic!


Chris said...

It's mighty hard to find a smart, non-political lefty anymore. I'm sure she was the best they could find. We all know that liberal and business person don't go together. If you run a business you will find it imposible to keep the liberal ideology as they are anti-business too the core.

Unknown said...

It's a mystery why Fox News put her on this program. It could very well be that they couldn't find a liberal who's got at least SOME economics background to debate the rest of the panel. Thats because they must be on the golf course with Obama. :)
Like oil and water, Chris. Business and liberals just don't mix.

Silverfiddle said...

Somebody has to represent the communists. It's all in the interest of fairness...

Unknown said...

LOL Since when is a communist fair?
It's amazing that she is teaching.... somebody's kid... not mine. :)