Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hypocrisy of a President

First, Monday morning of this past week began with a roar around here.
We got pounded with a storm so ferocious that it packed nearly 100 MPH winds that took down not only my telephone pole, along with power, but all the cable and phone lines with it also.
We got power restored Thursday and internet last night.
All in all, over 860,000 people were effected in my area.

OK on with opinion politics.
With all the political grandstanding this week in Washington over the debt ceiling negotiations, Obama makes a threat to take his view on how we are going to remedy the looming default deadline to the American people.
Today he made good on threat... However, its the same old same old crap he has been pushing since day one of his Presidency.
"Let's be honest. Neither party in this town is blameless, both have talked this problem to death without doing enough about it. That's what drives people nuts about Washington."

Now this would be true for the most part, however it's the Republican controlled House that has been pushing the Democrats to even talk about this problem that we have had for years now.
The problem is it was the left who refused to "Listen to the American peoples" concerns here. So NOW he wants to "Take it to the American people"?

"We are all part of the same country. We are all in this together."
Problem here was, up until Nov 2010 did the President want to even admit. It was Washington political elite and their supporters vs. We the People. 
But NOW 'We are all in this together?

"Nobody ever got everything they wanted, but eventually they worked together, they moved this country forward."
Does Obamacare pop in to your mind here? The American people didn't want it, but the Democrats 'got everything they [really] wanted'.

During this week, Obama and the Dems have called for a "Shared sacrifice" approach to debt reduction, claiming (in his words) that the wealthiest Americans need to pay their fair share and "A little more" vs being one sided through cutting entitlement, like Social Security payments, medicare and medicaid.

However that would not be the case.

First off, SS payments, medicare and medicaid would NOT be cut. The Republican plan would strip those entitlement programs of their "waste and abuse". Something the American people have been calling for, even before Obama showed up at the Whitehouse. 
So in essence making it solvent and sustainable without effecting recipients, at the same time cutting billions of dollars from the spending and debt.

During our power outage here, I had a chance to talk to a few of my elderly neighbors who brought this talking point up, as we sat outside and talked. Seems the MSM and the Dems have convinced them the cuts are real and they were very concerned about it. 
I had to set the record straight to reassure them that this was not the case to help ease their minds. They had enough stress going on with the prolong power outage. 

Second, the wealthiest have been making their sacrifice for years now, with paying almost twice (or more then twice) the amount of tax rates then the rest of us 'middle class' folks.

So now the Republicans want to make sure that in the future this does not happen again by preparing a balance budget amendment to the US Constitution. But Obama and the left refuse to even consider it.
So are they really concerned about getting our fiscal house in order and keeping it that way?

I think Senator Orrin Hatch said it best yesterday.

"The only reason this administration doesn't want a constitutional amendment is because they want to keep spending the American people's money. And the only reason congressional Democrats would refuse to pass it, is because they know the people of this country would rise up and quickly ratify it."


Silverfiddle said...

I though social security was a self-funding trust fund? How can it be that the government would be unable to pay out? After all, these people payed in their money and the government put it in a lockbox? Right? Al Gore said so...

Another liberal lie exposed

Unknown said...

Yes, it was suppose to be just that, Silver. They can borough from it, but must be repaid... They have not and never will. Some in Washington thought SS was their own direct tax on the American people, without obligations to return the funds to their rightful owner.