Friday, July 1, 2011

And They Say Fox News Lies

The other day, Chris Matthews on his "Let Me Finish" segment of his MSNBC show Hardball, came out and out-n-out lied to his viewers and any American who happened by this liberal News station (Which isn't much these days).
He, like other lefties, continue to blame Bush for the housing market crash that led our nation in to our current economic situation we are all experiencing right now.

But that would be the lie of the century.

Where is Media Matters on it fairness and truth agenda about the American Media?
Oh thats right, to busy trying to destroy Fox News and Conservatives, with tax breaks, no less.


Silverfiddle said...

Chris Matthews has turned into a cheap parody of himself. Here's an interesting factoid. Matthews has actually guest hosted for Rush Limbaugh, back before he went bats$h*t lefty loony tunes nutso.

Unknown said...

And the left continues to buy this proven wrong fact that MSNBC keeps regurgitating to the public.
Could you imagine if MSNBC had top ratings that Fox News has right now and how much more mis-informed the nation would be?
Wish I had the audio from Matthews filling in on Rush's radio show. That would be GOLD!

Christopher-Conservative Perspective said...

I heard that Matthews said, after The Ones latest press conference; "I heard the Earth move".

That is a play on a coined literary phrase in reference to a female having an orgasm. Add that to his older "I have a trickle going down my leg" when hearing The One and you have quite the sexually confused and deviant individual that has no place in society whatsoever let alone on broadcast cable TV.

Unknown said...

OK, so now I am convinced. Based on what Christopher just shared, Matthews must be a closet queen.
There is no other explanation that is even mildly sensible.
But wasn't it trickle up his leg? Down his leg would be that he needs Depends. LOL