Friday, December 10, 2010

Weeny Weiner

I am sure you've might have already seen this, but its worth seeing again.
First off the double taxation on estate tax is just that. Doubling dipping.

But Anthony Weiner doesn't real listen to the question, he just continues to ignore the question.
Then when he gets fed up with the question, he acts just like a weener.
A dick.
A complete asshole.

From Townhall

Did you catch one key thing he said?...
"I don't want any taxes on any one, on any level"

Shall we hold him to that when he votes yea or nay on the extension?
His claims it adds to the debt....

Where in the hell have they been when they SPEND $2.5T of our money over the past 2 years?

Hypocrisy at it worse!

By the way. This shows Weiner is nothing but the same child he was when growing up.
And based on the picture below...
I bet he got his ass kicked a lot.


AdamsPatriot said...

Over the years, Americans killed all the sadistic preditors of this man and his people. Our thanks for this is for him to screw over Americans who where born into the lucky sperm club or the silver spoon society.

I have worked and labored all my life to get ahead and within the last 2 years the Obama ideology has set back my income and American's income to a level we have not seen, well, in my lifetime of 58 years.

My Dad will leave me and my siblings the sweat from his brow. And the cold hearted and arrogant Anthony Weiners of the Government want to steal a percentage to repay their campaign supporters.

How can this peice of shit be in such a position of power? Oh, yeah, the dumb ass libs of New York put him there.

AdamsPatriot said...

Bottom line is, Weiner is a dick.

Unknown said...

Saw him on Hannity tonight. He's a smug little punk when he thinks he has Sean on the ropes. But Hannity cleaned his clock on the tax cut extension... With facts, of course.