Thursday, December 2, 2010

SEIU 1199 Backpedals

Yesterday SEIU 1199 said this about dropping dependant Healthcare coverage:

“…New federal health-care reform legislation requires plans with dependent coverage to expand that coverage up to age 26. Our limited resources are already stretched as far as possible, and meeting this new requirement would be financially impossible.”

Now Today SEIU 1199 Said This:

“The 1199 SEIU Home Care Employees Benefit Fund did not drop dependent coverage because of the new federal healthcare reform law. We applaud the new law’s commitment to extend coverage to millions of working Americans who are currently uninsured.

Our Fund was compelled to discontinue coverage for dependent children solely because insurance costs continued to rise, but state funding for these vulnerable, low-wage workers did not. Instead, state Medicaid funding to the home health services sector has been cut 9 separate times in just the last 3 years….

As a not-for-profit Taft-Hartley Trust Fund jointly managed by representatives from both labor and management, their primary function is to maintain benefits for our members. However, the Fund has worked diligently over the years to provide cost effective dependent coverage for our members’ families whenever possible. We certainly hope that additional state funding to support health benefits for our homecare workers and their families will be made available in the future.

In 2014, the new federal healthcare law will expand coverage to 32 million children and adults through increased Medicaid funding to states. For millions of working families, this day cannot come soon enough.”

So here we have a 24 hour spin by SEIU's largest affiliate. But one thing’s for certain, they are advocating a single payer system and want to kill the private sector.

Key liberal talking point here… 'Commitment to extend coverage to millions of Americans… Not-for-profit… expand coverage to millions of children and adults'.

Did Obama write a book on what talking points his followers and loyal subjects should say at all times?

If the law just said “To get millions of un-insured American affordable coverage”… “ stop denying coverage”…” Stop cancelling peoples coverage when they get sick” then, great, that would have been about a 40 page bill… However they went over board to kill the private sector, dragging every American under it and requires Americans to buy commodity and the states to pony up more dollars for it … There are over 2,000 page to this statue… that’s 1,960 pages to much for just a few talking points by the left.

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Anonymous said...

Mark, since you take umbrage at my criticism of your posts is it okay that i point out some small but important factual issues?

1st is that the yesterday you mention in your post would have been Dec 1st correct?

But that statement by Mitra Behroozi was in fact in October in a letter sent to union members.

2nd. So while the union did in fact drop child members do to funding issues it did not have a 24 turnaround.

we don't need to argue that 1199 represents a sector that heavily relies on Medicaid/medicare and that it praise for the health bill could represent a vested interest, the reality of the situation doesn't conform to what you have wrote.