Saturday, December 11, 2010

Got to love Texas

Some Dems are wising up!
(Texas Tribune- VIA Gateway Pundit)
Texas Democrat Allan Ritter told associates he is switching parties next week. The move will give Republicans a super-majority in the Texas chamber.
Texas Tribune reported, via Free Republic:
State Rep. Allan Ritter, D-Nederland, is telling associates he will switch to the Republican Party next week. Ritter was not immediately available for comment.
That would give the GOP a 100-member supermajority in the Legislature’s lower chamber — a number that allows them to pass constitutional amendments and other matters without seeking support from the Democrats.
A Ritter switch would also give Speaker Joe Straus another vote in the House Republican Caucus, which could turn out to be the forum where the next speaker is chosen. Straus foes within the GOP say they want a leader who can get the post without depending, as Straus did two years ago, on support from the minority party. Straus says he has the majority of the Republicans on his side; a vote inside the caucus would prove it.
Ritter, who would have been a candidate two years ago had the Democrats had a majority, is now with Straus.
The East Texan is in a conservative district; in fact, after the Republican sweep in the latest election, his is the most conservative seat in the House represented by a Democrat. He was one of the survivors in the elections last month, a result that might have been different if the Republicans had found a candidate to run against 


Chris said...

Texas still remembers is all about states right first. The rest of the states are selling out our rights for some federal handouts.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Never trust anyone let alone a politician that switches direction in midstream.

I mean really, Mark would you be taken seriously or Chris or myself for that matter if we turned our blogs into socialist mouthpieces?

This is about self-preservation on the public dole, period.

You want to see a RINO, well just watch this POS.

Unknown said...

Christopher, I don't know much about the guy but as I see it he survived his re-election race against an Independent and being he hails from a conservative district, I can safely say that he went from being a conservative Dem to a conservative Rep. You're not going to get someone as a candidate who is right inline with everything you, me, Chris are. Like here in IL. for Obamas old seat. We had a choice between a hardcore liberal or a moderate conservative. I voted for the less of two evils.
If Allan Ritter holds at least some conservative values and wants to switch parties to a Rep. I am cool with it.

Yes, Chris, nice to see Texas really taking the right approach on many issues.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Well the way I see it Mark, this move can be paralleled in sexual orientation terms;

We have straight and gay people like it or not, but all know where they stand. Then we have people that claim to be bi-sexual, I would guess so that they have it both ways and dare to say dangerous to the other two aforementioned groups.

Strange parallel to be sure but puts the point into real focus.

AdamsPatriot said...

A switch hitter, eh?

Does the man have a conservative's convictions, principles, beliefs or is an infiltrator and will vote with the libs?

I would be OK without a super majority as long as the conservatives are truely conservative!

Unknown said...

AP, Like I said to Christopher, I don't know much about the guy, but being he was elected in a conservative district, it would be a fair assessment that he holds some conservative values.