Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Virginia Plans to Cancel Congress' 'Authority'

A Virginia legislative proposal, introduced by Delegate Mark Cole, exempts 'all goods' from oversight by feds. And in particular, firearms that are made, sold and kept with in the boundaries of that state, mimics Montanas' and 7 other states law of the Firearm Freedom Act and not subject to federal rules because those are supposed to apply to commerce among the states. 

AKA: Article 1 Sec 8, Clause 3

The rest of this can be read here.

What do you think the Obama Admin. and in particularly, Eric Holder will do?
And could this work with the Heathcare Law?

With all the push back from the states in the last 8 months, does the Feds even have enough lawyer to handle all this? LOL!


Anonymous said...

well thats an interesting view of things, but i'm not sure if it works.

I wonder what is case law and Sc precedent. Could be another waste of time legislation.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

"I wonder what is case law and Sc precedent"

It is referred to as the Constitution of the United States of America and more specically States Rights.

"Could be another waste of time legislation"

Well it certainly looks like Obamacare was.

Unknown said...

Joe, nothing is a waste of time if it prevents the Federal government from stomping on the States and peoples rights.
Sure does sound like you could careless about your rights.
Thats OK, we'll deal with it. You can thank us later.

Anonymous said...

CP, your not that stupid are you? You know that both case law and SC precedent effect the outcomes of other SC cases right?

Mark, i'm not a blithering federalist idiot so this bill could be a huge waste of time and tax payer money. But i would like to know what flavor the Kool aid they gave you is?

Unknown said...

No, your right. You'er not a blithering federalist idiot (if there is such a ting). You're a blithering socialist idiot.
Enough said.