Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Senate Approves America's Death Warrant

Obama Wins Senate Approval of START Nuclear Arms Pact With Russia.

No debate.
No amendments.
No subtractions.
No US Missile Defense Systems

Which leaves us open to attack from North Korea, Iran, China, Russia and any other hostile nation.

Republicans who voted for it:
Richard G. Lugar of Indiana,
George V. Voinovich of Ohio,
Scott Brown of Massachusetts,
Olympia J. Snowe
Susan Collins of Maine,
Lamar Alexander
Bob Corker of Tennessee,
Johnny Isakson of Georgia,
Lisa Murkowski of Alaska,
Thad Cochran of Mississippi
Bob Bennett of Utah.

Along with ALL Democrats!

This should have NEVER been approved in a lame duck session.
The only thing that will protect America now, is God!


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

In my opinion this has guarunteed a Tea Party entrenchment in both houses, the White House and all States for years to come should we see 2012.

RINO'S are now really an endangered species!

Anonymous said...

lmao....hyperbole much?

I don't think God is protecting any singular nation. So we're doomed

Unknown said...

This is a disturbing trend with the Senate, Christopher. And Lugar, Voinovich, Snowe, Collins, Murkowski,,, continue to fall right in line with the stupidity of Washington.

Unknown said...

And of course, Joe. Keep your head in the sand. nothing in the post is hype.
And you don't think God is protecting any singular nation? Thats because you have no faith. I wasn't saying he was. I am praying he will. There a difference.

Anonymous said...

Mark, you'll have to excuse me for taking that last bit as a statement, because thats what it looks like. There was no mention of prayer and it ended in an exclamation point. You could see why i took it for bad theology especially when one of the favorite bad theological mistakes many rightwing Christians make is assuming that we are the "Chosen" land.

And as for my faith, its fully biblical that God hasn't chosen one nation other than Israel of the old testament to be his "chosen" land. So i don't believe that God looks out for our nation, but rather his children.

AdamsPatriot said...

After this lame duck session and the outrageous legislative bills being passed like this one, it occured to me this morning why Napolitano has been so concerned about American home grown terrorism!

I don't know, I'm just speculating, but perhaps there has been large scale treats made against all government officials for all this reckless legislation in DC?

Liberals will find out how wrong they are on this legislation when a government other than that which Americans elect are in Washington.

And then Unions will better understand what happens when they cross the line.

Hyper? How typical!

Liberals have proven time and again that they don't understand what security is or how to provide for it.

That's because the American's that they hate have always been the ones that have paid for the freedom that comes from a secure nation.

If liberals would pull their heads out of the sand long enough they could see that the rest of the world have treated Obama with disrespect and find his leadership a ultra weak.

This treaty with Russia was like a poker game where Obama let the Russians bring the cards, do the dealing, make the rules, and let them peer over his shoulder so they can see his hand.

Unknown said...

And I believe God will protect us, because we are not only a nation, but his children of a nation.
Thats called having FAITH.
And WHERE did I say we are the 'Chosen' land?
You're taking this way out of the realm of simple logic of hope and faith in a higher being that he will protect you, me, everyone.

Unknown said...

Well said AP. To the point and spot on. He has exposed this nation with this treaty as now being more vulnerable than ever before.
All for the sake of making his supporters feel 'He's back'
A few months ago I was saying come on Nov 2nd. Now I am saying 'Come on Jan 2nd'
Stop the lunes in congress!

AdamsPatriot said...

Mark, in reality, does America have two years?

Obama most likely won't sign Repub legislation and after 2012 how long will it take to repair the damage left in the wake of the liberal ideology?

Funny, I heard Schumer say on TV today concerning the 9/11 bill,
"we shouldn't play idelogical games that hurt people".
That's all the libs have been playing since...I don't know...forever!?

Unknown said...

They, for the past 2 years have not compromised with the Reps on a majority of crap they passed, but are now calling on the new House majority for compromise on any new legislation.(to screw up the country even more).
I see another tsunami coming in 2012.
Good news is, the house hold the purse strings of the government. Let hope they hold them at bay with lunatic spending.
We'll know the first few month of 2011 if he'll sign anything orchestrated by the Reps.

Anonymous said...

Mark, if you had read my comment you would have understood that i thought your assertion was the typical rightwing Christian response based on the fact that it was a statment and included an exclamation point.

Nowhere in the second comment did i say, "You Said it was a chosen nation". I said it sounded like you were heading that way.

But as for your faith, its engaged in another aspect of bad theology. You feel he will save this nation because of his "children" using my own choice of words. But why i ask would he favor this nation say over an African one, or a Latin American one?

Would he choose to save us and our nation and yet abandon his children elsewhere?

Why would he do that? Why let children starve and die in violent regimes all over Latin America while we are living a good life with such great freedoms and opportunities.

You see your faith is misguided. Its not biblical. Even Chris would tell you that god cares little for our governments and whether they come or go.

Chris said...

Joe that is because you think "god" not God cares. Big difference. Our nation was created with God as the pinical of it. We put our trust in God. God "lets children starve" because of sin. It is the socialist governments with the most starving kids. Blame the government and the sins of man. That is what we do. And it sounds like you blame God/"god" for distancing Himself from us rather then we are distancing ourselves from God/"god". I fall like that sometimes. It's hard to not blame God/"god" when He has the power to end it all. The reason why we don't save the children from the violent regimes all over Latin America is because the left wont let us do what it takes to free them. This is a broken world and we must live within it. The left want to fix the problems of the world by "spreading the wealth"(taking our money like Robin Hood). Well Robin Hood took from the government and gave back to the people. And since we live in a free country I believe in free will giving like Jesus tought. It's our money and the government doesn't have the right to take it and become their own charity organization. I choose who I give to. I don't want my money going to ACORN or the Tides Foundation just like you don't want your money going to a church. And the left don't want us to speak the word of God but they want to jam every socialy liberal thing down our thoats and then make our tax $'s pay for it. Liberalism is sounding more and more like a religion and a church then an ideology. I can't wait till they make our kids pray to Mother Earth in government schools.

Unknown said...

JHC, Joe. You lefties are pathetic. You try and dissect everything that is said, right down to the last letter.
You know damn well what I am saying.

Your pulling a Saul Alinksy rule #13 " Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it."
Discuss the topic or move on.

AdamsPatriot said...

One sentence: "The only thing that will protect America now, is God!" and the all knowing and all seeing Joe can determine Mark' intentions, meanings, and level of faith and wheither his faith is good or bad.

How does one achieve such a high level in spiritual theology to determine another's faith and PASS JUDGEMENT from one sentence?

In addition, in the past Joe has blasted Mark for being partisan, but now Mark speaks out on the republicans and not a word, one word, of praise from Joe. I guess that's because ultimately the post is against a democrat bill.

But still, the repubs names take up more than half the post and the bottom line is Mark blasted the repubs!

WOW, ya know, ya just gotta give him some credit here!

Anonymous said...

Chris, First off you know that your "beliefs" about God as the pinnacle of this nation are not good theology and that God doesn't love us anymore than his children in any other country. He won't do anymore for this country than any other. There is no "Chosen Nation Status With God" anymore.

I didn't learn this from liberal union rags, but from Lutheran schools, just like the ones you send your kids too. The fact is that this type of believe is reminiscent of the old Catholic church Matin Luther spoke against.

Anonymous said...

Mark, wow thanks for assuming i even know who Saul is, but i don't. Never read his work.

Anonymous said...

Adams, I never did that from one sentence. You shouldn't oversimplify things that way. All i said from the one sentence was, "I don't think God is protecting a singular nation."

That was all i took from his one sentence. then came

Mark Adams said...
And you don't think God is protecting any singular nation? Thats because you have no faith.

So it was Mark not me that choose to criticize someones faith based on one sentence not me.

I am almost surprised by your comments because the only person who did what you accuse me of was your partner and it was obvious too. yet, you came down on me hard and tried to act like i was acting like i knew more than everyone else, when it was Mark again who did that.

And i even explained that i took it as something i have heard evangelicals suggest, not that i judged him.

I questioned his theology not his faith. One can have strong faith and follow bad theology ie not be biblically based as Chris has said before.

As for being partisan, should i praise him for attacking GOP who side with Dems, thats still a partisan view.

Unknown said...

Joe, you took one sentence out of numerous sentences of a different topic and you picked the target, freezed it, personalized it, and polarized it. I'd say if you don't know who Alinsky is then your his reincarnation.
You about done avoiding the topic of this post?
Because I am done with you questioning my faith and my intentions of hope God will watch over us.