Monday, December 20, 2010

Reid Goes Gaga Over DADT

Last Saturday the Senate repealed the Don't Ask, Don't Tell (and Don't Harass, some seem to forget the last part) law that now allows Gay's and Lesbians to serve openly in our Military (even though they have been for years).

But... Senate Reid twice messaged the pop star on Twitter — shortly before the Senate voted to repeal the "don't ask, don't tell" and immediately after. His first Twitter message after the vote was to Gaga, who had previously lobbied him and other senators via Twitter to overturn the controversial policy.

"We did it! DADT is a thing of the past," Reid wrote to Gaga. The singer didn't directly respond, though she did mark the Senate's historic vote in a separate tweet.

But that didn't discourage Reid, who cited Gaga in a Sunday press release trashing Republicans for stalling ratification of the so-called START nuclear arms treaty with Russia.

The statement listed significant events that had happened in the world since President Obama first reached agreement on the pact with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in April. Near the top of the list: Lady Gaga's meat dress, which she wore to the MTV awards in early September.

Odd, he will listen to the likes of Gaga, but not to the American people as a whole on important issues.
I guess (matter of fact I already knew) where his priorities stand... With some freak from California.


Anonymous said...

wow, thats important?

Lol...I heard Sue Angle took a chicken to the doctors to get medical treatment.

I understand the dislike of a man who proved the tea party as a fallacy. The man who couldn't get re-elected, who destroyed the tea party candidate and shattered the illusion of the Tea party as a viable alternative.

Now that the republican establishment has spoken on the issue, we know that come 2012 the RNC won't let the Tea Party put any radicals into spots they need bad.

AdamsPatriot said...

Had Hairy ever served within the US Forces he might have a better understanding of what he and the other liberals have done.

Through their desparate need for a 'fix' to their liberal ideology, they have provided no 'means' for success of this ruling within the military. Liberals, true to form, have rammed through legislation without a plan other than "if you don't like it you need to leave it".

Remember the Ft. Hood shootings where innocent people lost their lives due to PC with no plan for it to be successful? This legislation has the potential for setting up a simular scenario.

I would expect that many of America's BEST most likely will leave the military and the 'flamers' will work to tear down what is left of morale.

This legislation will bring more distrust and more imbalance to rights and code of conduct within the military.

Congress previously legislated speech against the gay lifestyle as hate speech. This has the potential for setting up the persecution of a straight persons rights.

This legislation is a superficial win for gays as
the only real winner of this action is Americas enemies!

This is another act of stupidity from the left.

AdamsPatriot said...

@Joe, huh? Where is that subject on this post?

Unknown said...

Joe, never claim it to be important. Just showing how stupid it makes him look tweeting a freak like Gaga over something like DADT.

As AP has pointed out, this will cause issues within our military that they don't need during times of war. And a very good point with regards to PCing our military, also.

Harry hasn't proven the tea party as a fallacy.
If it wasn't for the SEIU he would not have ever made it back.
Matter of fact for their showing in the election results throughout the country, they did pretty damn good for a grassroots operation of less than 2 years... With more to come. Stay tuned.
But of course this has nothing to do with Reid's stupidity. Way to stay consistent, Joe!

Chris said...

Once again Joe goes off the deep end like a typical liberal. LOL. I think Joe is playing dumb.

Unknown said...

Noticed he didn't comment on the Dream Act post, Chris. :)

Anonymous said...

Mark, do i have to comment on everything? is that required?

Anonymous said...

Adams i have to ask. Has openly serving Homosexuals and Lesbians torn down the Services of other countries? Has it interfered with Englands services or Israel's.

The reality is that it hasn't affected the militaries of other countries that have allowed openly Gay servicemen and women. this seems to be going the route of Armed Service integration. A small few holding on to blatant discrimination.

AdamsPatriot said...

Joe, read my comment over again and this time with comprehension!

It has to do with RAMMING through Liberal Ideology WITHOUT A PLAN FOR SUCCESS!

This is very typical of liberals who just want to pass laws with no substance or plan for the law to succeed.

Liberals just hope all will work out and if it doesn't then they will level a tax or penalty or through you in jail. In other words, it's 'my way or the highway' approach to governing.

Concerning this issue, if you were ever in the service or in a long term position where you must live with those who are opposite of your beleifs or lifestyle and they have been given more rights than would be just so happy about that wouldn't you!?

In the military you must have as cohesive environment to begin with, hence the purpose of BOOTCAMP, to get the civilian life out of the military life.

In the field of battle you have to have unconditional 'trust' that your buddy is going to stand his ground with you.

Our government, in trying to balance out the military gay/straight issue have created another imbalance and that is the root of the problem. This inbalance creats distrust amoung those that must have unconditional trust.

Again, the left is dumber than a box of rocks when it comes to figuring out how to bring their ideology into a successful outcome.

Unknown said...

"Mark, do i have to comment on everything? is that required?"
Joe, no, no requirement, but you label me as partisan.... However…

1. I posted about the dream act.
2. I posted about DADT and Reid's tingle up the leg tweet to Gaga.

1. Right of center victory as it was shot down in flames
2. Left of center victory being rammed down the military throats

1. No comment. Why? At a loss for words.
2. Comment because, as I see it, you got the same tingle up the leg as Reid.

Your partisan is showingggggggg.

Anonymous said...

Well, first they are not ramming anything through without studying it. There has been numerous studies and plans concerning this done at many levels. Nothing is without regard despite your assurances otherwise.

Second, i am in and have been in long term positions were i deal with people who have the opposite opinions and beliefs as me and i try to get along. as for your given more rights thats hardly true and if it was the only example would be that straight soldiers were not discriminated against for decades and even given more rights under DADT.

Its completely disingenuous for you to suggest that gay soldiers are getting over when for many years gay soldiers had to hide their sexuality or face court martial. Straight soldiers never faced that level of discrimination.

finally i don't know what bullshit you have been fed, bootcamp is filled with dislike and distrust. the same can be said for cadre. Its like anything in the world. People dislike each other over all sorts of things. Contrary to popular opinion when people are ratcheted up to that level it comes out in many forms, one is internal conflict and bitching. the units can be filled with strife and conflict not to mention cross unit rivalries.

Anonymous said...

Mark, i only respond to what amuses me. Not everything i read i desire to debate. Somethings i accept some things i shake my head about and go on my merry way. It doesn't prove any partisanship because i didn't respond to a partisan debate. Because i didn't take up the lefts agenda in that post i am clearly partisan? does that even make sense. you know i agree with most aspects of immigration reform, why would not commenting show me to be partisan? not the best argument you have offered brother.

And the only reason i responded to this was the fact that so many righties thought Harry was a goner.

Chris said...

JoeC said...
"Mark, do i have to comment on everything? is that required?" I told you he was playing dumb. Joe needs to find a liberal web sit to cut and paste a responce. Poor Joe is losing it since the Democrats lost big in Nov. Or maybe he found his crack pipe. Either way he's loosing it. Joe try to keep it together would ya?

Chris said...

Joe is their a greater military then ours? Then how can you say that DADT hasn't made us stronger? Did Rome have homosexuals in the military? You bet ya and that was right around the time the Roman military fell. Joe prove that having gays makes our military stronger!

Chris said...

JoeC said..."Second, i am in and have been in long term positions were i deal with people who have the opposite opinions and beliefs as me and i try to get along. as for your given more rights thats hardly true and if it was the only example would be that straight soldiers were not discriminated against for decades and even given more rights under DADT." Are you in the military Joe? What are you saying here? Are you saying that you serve in the military or just in a "position".

Unknown said...

"Mark, i only respond to what amuses me"
And so, I am proven right.
The passage of DADT (left victory) amuses you.
But defeat on an issue of illegal immigration (right victory) doesn't amuse you.
Speaks volumes, Joe

"And the only reason i responded to this was the fact that so many righties thought Harry was a goner."
What does this have to do with the elections?

Again, speaks volumes.

AdamsPatriot said...

Thanks Chris, liberal logic is enough to make your head spin!

AdamsPatriot said...

Mark, I think what amuses Joe is that he trys to get your head to expload with his diversionary comments!

Chris said...

It's the liberal way and joe is just your typical liberal.

Unknown said...

He can try all he wants, AP... Not going to happen. :)

Anonymous said...

lol...a literal rightwing circle jerk of stupidity.

Chris, If i as a vet were to think of reasons that our military is greater than theirs, there are many things that would come to mind, but not DADT. Their isn't even anecdotal evidence that DADT makes our military any better than Israels.

Mark, The passage of DADT didn't amuse me, your post about Harry and GAGA did. The credit all goes to you there buddy. Don't try to dismiss your ability to provide amusing commentary, because you have a proven ability brother.

Adams, lol...i wouldn't wnat his head to explode, that would ruin the fun i have here and leave only Chris's barely readable blog. at least here you and Mark provide some interesting commentary.

AdamsPatriot said...

In regards to the comment, "Chris's barely readable blog"...

I always find it interesting how those who can't try to tear down those that do!

Must be the liberal way!