Friday, December 31, 2010

The Last Obscene Gestures of 2010

By Judson Phillips- Tea Party Nation

In the last waning hours of 2010, the Obama regime has given America a certain obscene gesture, yet again.

First, Janet Napolitano is at it again.  She wants to make sure the border is secured and is devoting United States military resources.  Officials from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Border Patrol, were working to enforce the border.

The problem?

The border is the border in Afghanistan.  If we are teaching the Afghans how to seal their border, do you think we could seal our own?

The family of Brian Terry, Border Patrol Agent, who was murdered earlier this month, might want an answer to that question.

Barack Obama gave Americans a big flip off at the end of the year.  He took a huge family vacation to Hawaii.  Being President is a stressful job.  No one argues that.  But America is in the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression.

Instead of taking an economic vacation, Obama is spending millions so he can have his two weeks in Hawaii.  Of course, the millions are not his money.  It is our money.  He could have cut the expenses considerably by staying on a military base.  This would have given him the same beachfront venue, but would have reduced security costs considerably.   No, not for Obama.  He is instead staying on a private property, about five minutes away from the military base.  Of course, he is going on base every day with his family, but why bother him with those pesky details, like saving tax dollars.

Most Americans would love to take a Hawaii vacation. Some of them would like any vacation.  Some Americans would like to have a job so they can take a vacation.  While gas prices climb through $3 a gallon and more Americans lose their jobs, Obama’s message to them is simple.  It is one last obscene gesture at the American people for 2010.  Expect more from him in 2011.


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR Mark to you and yours!

Unknown said...

May you have a happy New Year, Christopher and may you be enriched with prosperity, liberty and good health throughout, my friend.

AdamsPatriot said...

There you go again Mark,
with Hyperboles agianst our beloved President and his ultra truistic communistic administration,

and who without his Socilastic policies and our Oligarchy government would we not know the true meaning of raging unionism in the work place.

Can you not for just one minute stop being so flagrantly, with ultra insanity I might add, and incomprehensibly purilisticaly partisan!?

(hick, hick) hey gimme soomore champange (hick)
awe f**kit, happy new year, Mark, you crazy conzerveratave! (hick)

Unknown said...

Happy new Year Joe/AP.
Have one on me! :)

Anonymous said...

Mark enjoy the new year.

And enjoy berating President Obama. The left certainly did enjoy berating his more oft vacation predecessor.

I don't begrudge him the holidays as i didn't really begrudge Bush, H.W. or Reagan. While it would be nice to think that PRESIDENTS would do more and take less, thats never been the case.

Something are out of our control. And partisan bickering won't change it.

Unknown said...

"would be nice to think that PRESIDENTS would do more and take less"
Some more then others. As in this case.

Chris said...

It's all about the money of ours he is spending. Happy New Years. I wonder if this is the year of creating and saving jobs? lol.

Anonymous said...

Mark, there ya go. Forgetting the Asleep at the Wheel Texan. Our should i say the Kennebunkport Kowboy?

Anytime I'm not partisan off you go. As Micheal says, "Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in."

Unknown said...

Joe, first off, we are talking about Obama, not Bush.
Second, what part of 'some more then OTHERS' did you not get?