Friday, December 3, 2010

Grayson Lost in His Defeated World

Here we have 'defeated' Alan Grayson making one more showing on the House floor yesterday about extending the Bush Tax cuts.
Now his first mis-represented statement is this:
1."We have heard endless braying by the Republicans demanding extending tax cuts for the rich in this country"
False: Republicans are demanding extending tax cuts for ALL in this country.

2. "We have had these tax cut for the last 9 years and I haven't seen job created in the last 9 years."
You've not been paying attention

2001-4.7 1st Bush Tax Cut  + 9/11
2002- 5.8
2003-6.0 2nd Bush  Tax Cuts
2005- 5.1
2007- 4.6 Congress taken over by Dems
2009- 10.5
2010- 9.6

3."When the economy is flat on it's back"
Joe Biden says the economy is growing, Alan.

4. "They want a tax cut for themselves"
I'm rich??? Wait, let me check my bank account... Nope, still don't have a lot of money, so that can't be it.

5. "So lets take a look at the people who are really in charge."
UMMMMMMMMM that would be the DEMOCRATS. You hold the House(not for long) you hold the Senate, but not like you did, you hold the Presidency... Yes lets look at who is really in charge, shall we?
The video tells the rest.... however....

......what Alan failed to mention was that Roll Call puts Grayson's net worth at $31.1M, but that didn't come up in his presentation.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see that everyone got their recent addition of email talking points. boy this is hot stuff on the rightwing just repost circuit. Its everywhere, BG, Red State, Free Republic.

Amazing how the rightwing can herd their sheeple.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

What a joke!

Unknown said...

Joe, please show me proof that I got this in an email, and that, word for word this was a blanket post across the (careful now you're being partisan) right wing blogosphere.
Amazing how you can't keep on the subject of what was said, but take it off subject with every comment you make, here.

Unknown said...

Christopher, what? Grayson, Joe... or both. :))

Anonymous said...

Did i accuse you of Plagiarism, or merely following the herd of sheeple? Obviously you took the time to put it into your own words unlike Bonsai, but that doesn't mean that the whole Alan Greyson thing isn't a rightwing talking point. Because it is, its on red state, the blaze, Free republic etc.

Chris said...

Great posts Mark. This is why I like blogs. I can get different takes on things. The left seem to have all the same monotone talking points and views on the talking points.

Chris said...

Mark that is Joes MO when you are spot on. He just blames you for being a sheep. This coming from a union member that follows the UAW Solidarity Magazine to a T.

Unknown said...

Well, Joe, if I put it in my OWN words, then its MY talking point, that most people agree with.

And like Chris, and Red State, etc they have chosen to post this subject in their own way and words.
It's not like we are sitting down in a room together and collaborating to post on the same subject with the same dialect.
But I have got to admit, lefties sure use the same words, in order, on the talking points. BAHHHH

Unknown said...

Chris, it sure looks like there is a lefty publication that comes out daily that the left copy and paste word for word.

I don't see much variation between them.
Case in point, when referring to the Healthcare law, when you point out all the problems with it, instead of talking about those problems, they say the very same thing.
'You no longer can be denied cover for pre-exciting condition.' 'Your coverage can't be canceled if you get sick.' 'Millions of Americans can now get affordable heathcare insurance coverage.'
Thats because they don't want to engage in discussions on the negative parts of a topic.

Anonymous said...

Chris, once again you give Solidarity too much credit. Its really a shitty little rag (sorry for the langauge) that really doesn't say much. And i haven't gotten mine in three months cuz i moved and the forwarding got messed up.

Anonymous said...

Mark, just because you rewrite it doesn't mean its your own thoughts. Atleast you take the time to use some of your own thoughts though. Your giving Chris too much credit...he just copies and pastes usually without acknowledging the orginal writer. i'll show you...

His Greyson Blog...
"How does an angry, defeated congressman spend his last days on Capitol Hill? By attacking prominent conservative media figures, of course."

the Activity Pit
"How does an angry, defeated congressman spend his last days on Capitol Hill? By attacking prominent conservative media figures, of course."

The Blaze
"How does an angry, defeated congressman spend his last days on Capitol Hill? By attacking prominent conservative media figures, of course."

(The Blaze) — How does an angry, defeated congressman spend his last days on Capitol Hill? By attacking prominent conservative media figures, of course. (they acknowledge it)

so your a couple steps up on the ladder.

Unknown said...

"Atleast you take the time to use some of your own thoughts though."
I appreciate it but, SOME???
LOL! You didn't even read my words. I quoted the buffoon and injected my own comments.
As for Chris, the only thing he is guilty of is not providing the link to where he saw the story.
But in your first comment you referred to BG, Red State, Free Republic.
But then provide quote to other sites, one of which shows it was from the Blaze.
As long as you reference the other site, it's not a talking point but passing on what was reported.
The left use talking points also, Joe. So it's not a righty things. They just agree with what was said, thats all.
I am sure Chris does not do this for a living but as a past time to get the word out.
90-95% of his post are of his own words and he puts a lot of effort in to them.
So give some credit where it's do. Oh thats right, unionist don't give credit where it's do, only to themselves.

Anonymous said...

Mark, 70 percent of his posts are others videos and non-acknowledged work. I did the math one time. If i can find the spreadhseet i will post it. its somewhere in there that 35 percent of his stuff is directly from Beck but that hasn't included the last month.

And yes, there are people who openly use the lefts talking points like Bruce. I don't read his blog or go to the DU just for that reason.

Nice of you to try to defend him, but he outright plagiarizes stuff. If your going to copy others work a byline or link would be in order, right? Its not ethical to pass of stuff as your own even if your not a journalist.

Unknown said...

Joe, if you are spending that much time annualizing other blogs, you've got way to much time on your hands.