Thursday, December 2, 2010

Gene Simmons- "I Want My Obama Vote Back"

I'll let the video speak for itself:

One note worthy comments
"After the fact, I was questioning the qualification" and "Qualification is most important." 
Wish more Americans had question the qualification before the fact of their vote.


Anonymous said...


because he's a doctor you know. lol

The right loves the heavily makeuped Knight in Satan's Service bass playing, sex tape making, softcore porn girlfriending Gene. Such hypocrites.

Tween him and your other Rightwing rock hypocrite the Nuge you guys know how to pick em. WTF?

Unknown said...

Just like Blago, Just like Kilpatrick, just like Rangel, just like Clinton, just like... You get the point.

We don't pick them Joe, “politically speaking” we think alike. You see this a patriotic, political blog Joe and once again, you take it off topic.
You have nothing to say about what 'he said' therefore you have no disagreement with what he said.

Anonymous said...

Or Ted Stevens, Duke Cunningham, Mark Foley etc...

The topic is that the right attacks Gene, his lifestyle, the things he does for years but then when he dislikes Obama they flock to him like he's someone to be taken serious.

It doesn't work that way. You can't hold people up you dislike as proof of your views. And you can't spend years attacking Hollywood as some sort of socialist cabal and then put a celebrity out there for his views. hypocrisy.

Unknown said...

Joe there is nothing hypocritical about it.
We are NOT talking about his past, but what he SAID TODAY.
I have no problem with what he said 'In the video'
And who if flocking to him? That's an over statement, Joe.
I agree with what he said 'in the video'
You however can't seem to stay on topic with what he said IN THE VIDEO and like a good loyal lefty subject of Obama you try and take the focus off what is being said by bring up his past.

You aren't by any chance Saul Alinsky Jr. are you?