Friday, December 17, 2010

Daily Kos Readers Head Explode Over Tax Cut Extension.

Got to love this. The loony liberals over at Daily Kos are frothing at the mouth because their socialist utopia is crashing in a heap, and there is nothing that can be done to stop it.

Read on:

“On the upside, the President's tax cut deal provides 13 months of unemployment insurance benefits, extends middle-class tax cuts, delivers targeted tax incentives for increased business spending including in the energy sector, and adds on top of that $120 billion in temporary tax cuts that are sure to have a stimulative effect.

On the downside, Republicans refused to allow the tax cut deal to go forward without continuing the irresponsible Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, including an egregious slashing of the estate tax. And there are serious questions about whether the Social Security payroll tax cut will ultimately jeopardize Social Security.

But now, whether you thought it was the best of a bad situation and a necessary evil or if you thought it was a bad deal worth fighting to the end, it's about to become law, having passed the U.S. House of Representatives on a 277-148 vote just before midnight eastern time."

Interest comments to boot:

-This POS is directly from Obama.

-No one else is responsible for selling out America

-Obama is the one.

-Someone keep a close eye on BO!

-The debt ceiling is the hostage

-The debt ceiling increase will be fun

-Do you mean if people blamed Republicans for the Senatorial clusterf*ck we live with the answer might be to move left? Now that's a novel idea.

-Moving to right loses us elections.

-Obama is on Boehner's side. If he wanted to oppose him, he would have done so. He's had two years to lay out an alternative vision, two years to hold the Republicans accountable. Instead, he shat on the left and resuscitated the GOP. As a Democrat, Obama is an epic failure.

-Whatever it is... ..they know they have a willing enabler in the White House.

-This is now the Obama/McConnell tax cut for the wealthy

-Reid couldn't get votes after Obama scuttled everything by going public with his desire to compromise with the Repigs

-Now losing is winning. Time for a new party where winning is winning.

-Of course folks care about poor people. Like the 99ers. And the rest of non millionaires once this irresponsible tax package reeks havok of the economy. Sorry that I don't see a 13 month boost for a small % of people as worth the long term devestation for all..

-The omnibus budget bill is now being held hostage. And the Dems have....blinked

-Obama being attacked from his own side and the left fragmenting as it's doing at the moment is not good for the country

-I have no personal agenda for Obama but i've got tired of the nonsense on here this last few weeks making him out to be the enemy

-Are you referring to Obama? He has replaced the American flag on the white house with a white flag of surrender.

-This bill is BUSH*T !

-No it is OBAMASH*T

-Which Hostage will Obama give the GOP

-We are so fu*ked

-They are the "Obama Tax Cuts" effective January 1.

-Get out your pitchforks

-Goodbye Mr. Obama No way he gets re-elected now. He's sealed his fate. This is complete bullsh*t, and it's not going to get either refought or fixed in 2012.

-Wall Street still rich, and white rednecks are still angry at the black man in office? Support Obama all you want. I'm not anymore!

-Right now? I'd take "Noted Weather Vane" Mitt Romney over Barack "F*ck the Base" Obama.

-It's a disgusting how Candidate Obama atrophied into this centrist blob who doesn't want to fight for Democratic principles

-You are blind to the truth, and the Judgment Day is coming for Barack Obama. And it will be ugly

There is SOOOOOOOOOOO much more. Check it out.


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Geez Mark? How can you reprint such racist , hateful and violent speech from the Tea Party?

OOPS! I read it again by golly and am sooooo surprised? These comments are by SOCIALISTS!

I am going to rush off to Wal-Mart with my I-Phone freshly installed with the new snitch app and report the VERY SUSPICIOUS and SUBVERSIVE behavior to Big Sis right away!

Anonymous said...

Don't go to Wal Mart you'd be snitching on your fellow right wingers...And don't use that app, call Operation Tips hotline.

Chris said...

The lefties are always the racist hate fill people. They just tried top project what's in them on use. We will start to see how racist they truely are when they start to protest BO. I've been seeing a lot more lefties calling Obama the "N" word. It seems as though many of the lefties voted for Obama inspite of his color. I'm sure if Obama keeps pissing the lefties off they will make a point of blaming the color of his skin rather then blame his polocies.

Chris said...

Isn't it funny when those libs that cried like little bitches over the Patriot Act and Operation Tips leaders have doubled down on invation of privacy. They imagined what Bush and Republicans could do. And now they put that imagined fear into reality with these liberals in office. They will cry again when Republicans are running the show.

Unknown said...

It's funny, Christopher. He campaigned as a centrist and they voted for him. When he does something centrist, they turn on him.
And what ever you do, please don't send me a "People of WalMart" email, they are getting disgusting. LOL

Unknown said...

Never seen a right winger in Walmart, Joe. Thats because I don't go in there. You might be mistaking them for moderate Democrats, or even a RINO. :)

AdamsPatriot said...

Just drove past Wal-Mart, so I pulled in the parking lot to see all the rightwingers there.

Most vehicles had bumper stickers that said 'Union-Yes" and 'Had Enough - Vote Democrat' and 'Obama-yes we can'.

People coming out of the store had very few teeth, were extremely obese and many were wearing their jammie bottoms and flipflops.

I yell "god bless George Bush" and they cussed me! So I yelled "God Bless Obama" and they cussed me. So I yelled "hope and change" and they all held their fists in the air while yelling whootwhoot!

Never saw a rightwinger do that before!

Unknown said...

Chris, I am wondering something about all these comments from them. Was it really the color of his skin that made them vote for him, or was it the content of his caricature. I am also, like you, thinking it was caricature, and skin came in second. But when he does something out of the realm of socialism caricature, then the KKK mentality comes out in them.

AdamsPatriot said...

'Everyone' needs to get that APP and then send out all sorts of supposed 'observations' all over the country!
That'll keep them busy for a while, to the point that they will end the program quickly!

Unknown said...

AP, LMAO!!! Wonder what would have happened if you yell "Go Karl Marx"? They might have picked you up and carried you on their shoulders.

AdamsPatriot said...

I don't think liberals at Wal-Mart are educated enough to know who Karl Marx is. But I do think they know who Groucho Marx is.

"Ain't he the dude in the clearance VHS videos bin"?

Anonymous said...

lol....thats some funny shit AdamsP. I do like your sense of humor even if i don't like your politics.