Sunday, August 1, 2010

'Undead Zombie Option' resurrected in Congress

So, here we are, nearly 5 months after Congress flat out ignores the will of the American people when we said "NO" to the Government run healthcare system, and under pressure, to drop the 'Public Option', comes a new bill introduced in to Congress.
The 'Public Option Act'

Democratic Reps. Lynn Woolsey and Pete Stark of California and Jan Schakowsky of Illinois (my wife and I are battling against this loony liberal on another bill she has introduced called the Safe Cosmetic Act, which will kill small businesses, her business to be included, and kill jobs in the cosmetic industry) have joined to put together the newest proposal, called the "public option act."

Read More about this below.
'Undead Zombie Option' resurrected in Congress

Again, as I have stated many time before, I believe the Progressives in Congress know they are getting the boot come November and have ignited a "Scorched Earth Agenda" to do as much damage as they can before losing control of Congress.
Battle lines have been drawn, AGAIN. 


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...


The blessing in disguise in this article you linked is that it will not be brought up until the NEXT congress.

All the more reason the physical number of people who show up to vote 93 days from now with be HUGE, let alone absentee and military votes.

I have heard some estimates of those numbers reaching 70% as opposed to regular averages in mid-terms to be around 31%.

Fred Barnes who knows election numbers like nobody else and based on that knowledge has made many accurate predictions is now predicting a GOP win bigger than I believe he said 1947 (historical high mark).

That would equate to control over both chambers (House and Senate) and this proposal you post about is D.O.A. if it even gets to the floor?

Unknown said...

I hear ya, Christopher, yes I understand not until next congress, all the more reason to vote them OUT because if we stay with the same crew, THIS is what we can expect.(was basically my message)
I hope Fred Barnes is right, but hoping the next congress will be more conservative and constitutionally minded folks and not the same old career politicians.
I have contacted my Rep in the House, who sits on the House Education and Labor committee and have asked that the bills before her committee can be slowed until after the elections, as I believe it will then die a slow death and NEVER reach the floor of Congress.

Unknown said...

Great post Mark, Love thie pix, are those Zombies from Chicago?

Speaking of the Military vote, Christopher, did you see or hear about the DOJ ignoring the law concerning military ballots?

Here's a link:

The Dems will stop at nothing to maintain power by screwing Americans out of their rights.

We need to send these politicans to the front lines in Afganistan...without the benefit of body armor.