Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Is the left 'egging' on the right?

The videos you are about to watch is from the Founding Bloggers website.
These video are also pretty disturbing to say the least.
The liberal media outlets are hammering the Tea Party Patriots for what they call 'racial' and 'violent' tenancies from the rally in Washington DC on March 21, 2010. Even though there is no proof of any racial overtones that anyone, even the Capital police can say happened

Will the MSM broadcast THESE videos?... Don't count on it.
So on Saturday, March 27th, 2010, when the TPP showed up in Searchlight NV, Senate majority leader Harry 'Ass' Reid's home town, his supporters, (all 8% of them), SEIU, showed up to give Andrew Breitbart and the TPP a hard time, and made underlying threats, plus egged the Tea Party Express bus as it rolled by.
Maybe the eggs were bad and they didn't want to use them for their Easter Eggs hunt... No... they are just a violent group.


Chris said...

This is why we must push the buttons of the left. They need to react,not us. They push our buttons we need to laugh at them. We need to remind Americans of what the left is really made of. But we can't speak in logic but in emotions. We need to ask them why all the elderly must suffer to give health care to illegal amnisty immigrants. When ever they accuse us of something we need to notice they are accusing us of what they are doing. If the left can make someone react in a violent way then they win. But that is their rule and now the game is changing and it's our rules. We will hold them to the same high standards they hold us too.

Unknown said...

I think Americans are waking up to what the left is (and has been) the last 20 years or so. I mean take a look at what unions do when they are on strike and someone crosses the picket line, you end up with smashed out windows and star nails in your tires. Why do other people just ignore these acts? Or forget about them?
As Karl Rove said the other day when Code Pink showed up at his book signing that the left thinks the 2nd ammendment is only good for them and not good for the rest of us.
I have just begun to push back, Chris. :)