Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tea Party Patriots-Facebook

Tea Patriots have updated their facebook page tonight at 9:00PM EST with this announcement

Dear Fellow Tea Party Patriots,
National Coordinator Jenny Beth Martin just got off the phone with 2 reliable sources in Washington DC who have told us that the Blue Dog Democrats are caving on health care and will be voting for it.

Many Blue Dogs are saying that Speaker Pelosi will have the votes before or by next Thursday and they are saying this very confidently. The important thing to note is that as soon as Speaker Pelosi thinks she has the votes, she will immediately call for the vote on the House Floor. That means the vote could come as early as tomorrow, or it could be later.

If this holds true, this blogger will be posting names/numbers/emails and address (regional home office) on any Representative who votes for this treasonous bill.


Chris said...

If this health care bill goes through then there will be a lot of pissed off people. Maybe that is what they want.

Unknown said...

Chris, did you catch the St Louis video link about Obuma visit there yesterday?
His comment to the crowd "Now, sometimes the decisions we make in the short term are not going to be popular, and the folks in Washington don't understand that I know they're not going to be popular, They can't believe I'm doing them. See, they just think I'm an idiot. But I've got pollsters. I've got very good pollsters, They send me the polls. They say, you know what, shoring up the financial system, not popular... Helping out the auto industry, not popular. Passing the Recovery Act, not popular. That's okay. Because my job is not being popular, My job is solving problems for the American people."
What an utter TOOL. The biggest problem facing America today is JOBS!!! But he's trying to fix a healthcare system for 10% of the population and dragging the rest of us along for his socialist ride.
AND, in this video an all out riot almost started outside.,0,1454493.story

Unknown said...

Pissed off is where everyone is right now. A collapsed economy and Anarcy in the streets is the direction we are headed if this goes through. Check out what's going on in Greece right now. People are hurting big time right now like they never have seen before, that is as long as you where born after WWII. In my opinion, this is exactly where Obama wants this country to go, so that people will become zombie like and rely on government for everything. Obama is deliberatly trying to destroy America.

Unknown said...

Did he not learn from the collapse of the USSR, Dave. "people will become zombie like and rely on government for everything"
Socialism doesn't work.

Chris said...

Mark socialism works in their is a theory that has never come to fruition like American democratic republic has. It's the best system in the world and they want to eff it all up.Dumb just dumb.