Monday, March 1, 2010

Obama Leads the Lambs to the Slaughter

Nine House Democrats indicated in an Associated Press survey today that they have not ruled out switching their "no" votes to "yes" on Obamacare, brightening the party's hopes in the face of unyielding Republican opposition.
Democratic leaders have strongly signaled they will use a process known as "budget reconciliation" to try to push part of the package through the Senate without allowing Republicans to filibusters it.
The proposal would impose new restrictions on insurance companies and order health insurance coverage for as many as 30 million Americans who now lack it but would also order all Americans to be covered.
As AP stated "Both parties have used the "reconciliation" strategy to pass big bills before, but Republicans call the health care push an unwarranted departure from standard practices."
This is absolutely wrong. Only bills of a budget or of deficit reduction nature have used reconciliation, or Nuclear option.
The ramming of this heathcare bill that would takeover 1/6 of our economy that is so massive, is abusing the Nuke rule in the Senate and will end the careers of many House and Senate members, who have not already jumped ship.
62% of Americans want reform, but 58% do not want this bill that is totally partisan.
Recent polls show that 72% would prefer a bi-partisan bill then the ones Democrats are trying to convince the American people is bi-partisan.
Now, to confuse the American people, Democrats are not referring it anymore as "budget reconciliation", but instead are refer to the process as "majority vote," or "up or down vote."
The Democrats are also tossing in some language to make it appear to have the fingerprints of Republicans.
Don't buy in to it. If it is not a Republican amendment with in the bill, it has no bit from the right.
The House's second-ranking Republican, Rep. Eric Cantor of Virginia, says this, and I agree, "If Speaker Pelosi rams through this bill," he said this weekend, Democrats "will lose their majority in Congress in November."
And Americans will be taking names the day after the vote.
Ignore the citizens of America, and there will be a price to pay.... Their seat at the table of Congress.

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