Saturday, March 27, 2010

Defiance of a Presidency

Fed up with waiting, President Barack Obama announced Saturday he would bypass a vacationing Senate and name 15 people to key administration jobs, wielding for the first time the blunt political tool known as the recess appointment. The move immediately deepened the divide between the Democratic president and Republicans in the Senate following a long, bruising fight over health care. Obama revealed his decision by blistering Republicans, accusing them of holding up nominees for months solely to try to score a political advantage on him.
"I simply cannot allow partisan politics to stand in the way of the basic functioning of government," Obama said in a statement.

By filling the jobs while Congress is in recess, Obama gets around Senate confirmation. Obama justified the move by charging Republicans with playing politics with his administration nominees.
"The United States Senate has the responsibility to approve or disapprove of my nominees. But if, in the interest of scoring political points, Republicans in the Senate refuse to exercise that responsibility, I must act in the interest of the American people and exercise my authority to fill these positions on an interim basis," he said in a written statement.
All 41 Senate Republicans wrote Obama this week urging him not to use a recess appointment for Becker, a former top lawyer with Service Employees International Union and the AFL-CIO, whose nomination was rejected by the Senate last month, 52-43.

Well that doesn't sound like "partisan politics", it sounds like Bi-partisan.
This president, Barack Hussian Obama is none other then the twin brother of Hugo Chavez...

"Once again the administration showed that it had little respect for the time honored constitutional roles and procedures of Congress," said Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona, Obama's foe in the 2008 presidential election. "This is clear payback by the administration to organized labor."

Becker feels he would have the authority to mandate all business to conduct Card Check, in which employees of companies can vote for or against unionization, but it would not allow corporation to campaign to it's employees against unionization but allow employees to stand before unions boss to cast a vote.

This, without question will be challanged in the courts as a violation of the 9th Amendment.


Chris said...

So we now have our dictator. What a crock of crap. Impeach this man befor he become our Castro.

Unknown said...

I would love to see an impeachment, however, the speaker must introduce an article of impeachment, you don't think Pelosi would even think about seeing that in "Her" house, do you?