Saturday, January 14, 2012

Paul: (Iran) We Should Have Great Empathy For Them-Update

Ron Paul says we should have great empathy for Iran, with regards to the 3 assassination of their nuclear scientist. Calling it an act of terrorism, and if we are doing it, we should stop.

First he doesn't want the US to attack Iran over Iran building the bomb. Then he doesn't want sanctions. Now, if we are trying to sabotage Irans nuclear program and covertly taking out their top scientist, we shouldn't. 

"We should have being doing a lot less, a lot sooner!"

What Paul doesn't seem to understand, if we don't start showing this regime we mean business, they will come after us regardless.
They are building a nuke, that will make them one of the elite powers and they have been bolstering that they are.
It's to late for the US to put it's tail between its legs and walk away.

Once again...
Slamming my head against the wall!

------------------------Then we have liberal stooge Bill Maher----------------------

Maher admits 2 things in this clip.
1. He likes Ron Paul because of his foreign policy ideas better then Obama.
2. Admits his audience are brainwashed liberals


Silverfiddle said...

I wonder if the old man has any empathy of the country of Lebanon, torn apart by Iran-sponsored terrorists Hezbollah...

Unknown said...

I am sure Paul would make that statement and then he would blame that on the US, too.

Reaganite Independent said...

Ron Paul~!

Good grief

Unknown said...

Luckily this guy is only doing no better then 20-23% in the polls, caucuses and primaries, or we really would be up sh*t's creek without a paddle.