Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Oops Thats going to leave a mark

And so it goes, as reported by the Associated Press yesterday, Mitt Romney, Republican presidential candidate has been criticizing rival Newt Gingrich for earning more than $1.6 million, over 8 years, in consulting fees from Freddie Mac. But as it turns out Mitt has invested as much as $500,000 in the U.S.-backed lender and its sister entity, Fannie Mae.

Romney's latest financial disclosure report listed several investments in the mortgage giants that he, Gingrich and other GOP critics have repeatedly singled out as prime villains in the housing crisis.

The disclosure report came a day before Romney was to release his tax return from 2010 and an estimate of his 2011 taxes.

While continuing to hammer Gingrich for his consulting work for Freddie Mac, the Romney campaign sought to deflect questions about the former Massachusetts governor's investments. They include a mutual fund worth up to $500,000 that includes assets from both lenders among other government income

For months, Romney dismissed calls to release his personal income tax records, and now we know why. But after mounting criticism from his rivals and others, coupled with his stinging weekend loss to Gingrich in the South Carolina primary, Romney agreed to release his 2010 return and 2011 estimate on.

So in conclusion, if Mitt now wants to pump the brakes on his attack at Newt for making money as a business owner consultant, we can move on to more important things. Like removing the Socialist we currently have occupying the Whitehouse.


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

We should all stop calling these primaries and stick to the truth by calling it the silly season.

As you suggest the most important issue is being ignored while these 'participants' of the silly season are only after their own interests and ignoring ours.

To top it all off Ron Paul is still in this "race"??????

Silverfiddle said...

This is all silly, I agree with Christopher.

So Newt got money from Freddie for *ahem* historical services, and Romney invested in them...

Now, if we only had a small government conservative in the race...

Unknown said...

Christopher, long time no see. Hope all is well!
Yes, sir I agree. It's getting down right dumb. And NBC was loving it last night, even though they sequestered the audience. Paul is going to ride this thing out to the convention, he said it's all about delegate count. This is his last stand. He can't do it again in 4 or even 8 more years. His ship is sinking, and I am ok with that.

Unknown said...

Well Kurt, Paul is ... But I know how you feel about him. I can say the same thing. :)