Sunday, December 11, 2011

DNC Pitch For Newt

In the wee hours of Dec 11, 2011 the DNC released a video ad to scorn Newt Gingrich as a Tea Party Patriot.

Now whether you buy it or not, the ad, in my conservative opinion helps Newt more then hurts Newt.

Did the DNC design this ad to target Independence?
Or are the democrats in fear that they have lost the center left moderates and are trying to draw them back in?

What I like, and I am sure you'll agree, lowering Corporate tax rate and zeroing out Capital Gains is something that I like as it will repatriate US business dollars back in to the US. 

Thanks for the backing of conservative ideas, DNC, as this pushes me closer to backing Newt then I did before.


Silverfiddle said...

They will go for the time-tested painting him as "too extreme," although he is far from a small-government conservative.

Unknown said...

The left would rather run against him, then Mitt. However, that's an old strategy, to make the right think Romney concerns the Democrats... vs someone the left truly fear, the one who would mop the floor with Obama, and that would be Newt.

Right now there is no small government candidate out there that the right can get behind now that Cain is out.
Not Paul nor Bachmann.
And surely not Rick S, Huntsman or Perry. Newt, IMO has a fire in his belly, and that is resonating with most republicans.
If he is the nominee, us Tea Party folks will have to get Newt up to our level of thinking. There are plenty of TPP folks in congress now and hopefully more to come, to sway Newt in our direction.

We really have no other choice now.

FIREBIRD said...

I cannot disagree more! Gingrich is by far the smartest man standing and he will chew Obama up and spit him out in any and every debate, no matter the topic! Obama's crowd has been doing 'take-down' research on every possible republican candidate for months - look at all they spent digging into Palin! They took out Cain - their one greatest fear, because he took away Obama's race card..... they wrote Newt off this summer..... and now Axelrod and his minions are scrambling for dirt. Problem is - all of Newt's dirt is already out there. Have you seen the clip where Newt says Obama can use his teleprompter in the debate on Obamacare? It's a riot! I have always thought Newt was the only one out there with the stones to go after Obama - Newt knows who the enemy is!

Unknown said...

Yeah, I caught that clip. It's definitely one for the classic quote book.
The left will do whatever it takes to get Obama re-elected. Anything but run on his record, mind you. :)

Silverfiddle said...

@ Firebird: Gingrich is by far the smartest man standing and he will chew Obama up and spit him out in any and every debate, no matter the topic!

No he won't. Obama will agree to one, maybe two debates, and the canned spam kabuki rules will eliminate any chance of meaningful interaction where Newt can call BS on Obama's BS.

The Obama campaign and the liberal press (But I'm being redundant) will subject us to endless comparisons where Newt is indistinguishable from Obama.

In a contest between progressive and progressive lite, the progressive wins every time.