Saturday, August 6, 2011

Navy Seal 6-Their Demise-BREAKING

What I present here is still being looked at by this blogger.

However, I feel it necessary to bring it to light of the possible events leading up to our Navy Seals 6 Team and their demise, the very team that took out OBL and how their transport was "shot down" by enemy fire....

This story comes from Director Blue blog and it was presented on Freedom Torch  and is in the beginning stages of going viral.

The Master Chief reminds us that the dumbest vice president in American history likely played a role in the tragedy that saw 31 special operators killed, 25 of whom served in the ultra top-secret SEAL Team Six.

...It is believed that many of these men were the ones that brought Usama Bin Laden to justice. This is a double tragedy. First, the loss of any American fighting personnel is tragic. Second, SEAL Team Six is the best of the best! Replacing them is difficult at best and probably impossible.
The Taliban has taken credit for this kill. I suspect that they were tracking SEAL Team Six ever since the OBL event. How did the Taliban know who did the OBL job[?] Vice President Biden told the press[!] He blabbed [about] a top secret op in the open to the press to look good! This moron is a danger to the security of America not to mention the lives of American fighting personnel.
The Vice President's reckless abandonment of security [practice] has lead to the death of 31 military members including 25 members of this elite team. He should be tried for treason 
 I have known about Six since 1980, when I was the GMG detailer. I toured their facility in 1987 when I was the Force Master Chief of the Surface Forces, U.S. Atlantic Fleet. I am proud to have know some of these men, past and present, who have defended freedom, quietly, secretly, and very effectively for the last four decades. Now I fear they will cease to be viable because their cover has been blown by a politician of the lowest denominator
If this hold true, Joseph Biden should be brought up on charges of adding and abetting the enemy!
And then there is this, from the individual who has brought this to my attention.

Things aren't looking to good, I'm begining to feel like something is really wrong here, I've got friends who served in the seals,they say it"s not normal for so many to fly together,then Biden,plus the video by Alex,I think I smell a rat..I hope I"m wrong..!!
Here is the video from InfoWars:
H/T to Scott A


Silverfiddle said...

The connection is not there. And if it were, Alex Jones would be the last to know.

I was in Afghanistan, so I follow this stuff. Golden BBs like this happen periodically. This was unprecedented in the number of SF lost, however.

For Alex's incoherent theory to prove out, someone would have to have informed the Taliban that Seal Team 6 was landing at that location. That is the missing piece.

They must have been going after a very big target.

To get the real scoop, stay tuned to sites like this one:

I do agree with you that Joe Biden is the dumbest VP in history.

Unknown said...

But here is where this looks suspect "not normal for so many to fly together"
Even the OBL raid used what 4 different transports.

Like I said, I am trying to look in to this further and thanks for the link, Silver.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

This is tragic to be sure but from what I understand thus far those who were Navy SEALS on board were of the same 'unit' and not the same troops that took out OBL.

I use the term "troops" as that is what Obama, Biden et al should have said and referred to and not units by name.

Had that been the case this may or may not have occurred but certainly not grab headlines as it is right now and spinning-off conspiracies in Alex Jones.

I like Alex as he is up to speed on this here on the home front, but when it comes to foreign conflict and the inner workings of our military I cannot give him much credence.

Silverfiddle said...

In church this morning I talked to a fellow OEF vet who works for the Army now as a civilian, and he said they were going in to rescue some others because something had gone wrong.

That makes complete sense. The same thing happened when Marcus Luttrell's team got in trouble back in June 2005.

A bunch of them jumped into a Chinook to save their team mates and the taliban had another golden BB moment, shooting an RPG into the back of the open ramp, killing all on board.

I do completely agree with you that Biden is a bigmouth, and our government and its multifarious departments should have simply shut their big stupid mouths after the UBL raid. They put way too much information out there, and that did indeed endanger future operations in general, but not this one in particular.

Unknown said...

More info on this, as I snoop around.

From the obituary of Sgt. Patrick Hamburger who served in the Nebraska National Guard as a Chinook Helicopter crewman and crew chief. The family was notified at 5:00pm CDT Saturday afternoon.
Link Here.

From the article:

Sources from the US military say the giant NATO chopper was called into action as backup. A team conducting a night raid on Taliban fighters was in trouble and the chopper went down as it arrived to help.

Requiescat in pace, Sgt. Hamburger, and all the fallen dead.

Sgt. Hamburger had JUST ARRIVED in Afghanistan a couple of days ago. Why was a green National Guard unit flying backup for DEVGRU SPECOPs??????? Where was the 160th SOAR backup??????

My God.

UPDATE: Additional confirmation that it was a CH-47 transport helo. Copy and paste this URL:

What in the HELL was a CH-47 TRANSPORT helo doing in a DEVGRU combat theater???? FILLED WITH 25 SEALS??????? If the SEALs' MH-47G SPECOPS Chinook that they rode in on was taken out in the Tangi theater, where is the fallen MH-47G helo itself? Shouldn't there also be dead crew members from the 160th SOAR, which is an Army unit? This ain't right, people. I'm telling you. This is NOT RIGHT.

Silverfiddle said...

I don't know who that commenter is, but he's obviously never been in theater.

There are thousands of spec ops in Afghanistan and hundreds of helicopters. Every mission is not conducted with Pave lows and stealth choppers.

Also, in a war, you improvise all the time. Having everything in place, especially in a spur of the moment situation like this, just doesn't happen outside of Hollywood.

Silverfiddle said...

One last thing, Mark. Special Operators are not babes in the woods and would not be easily led like lambs to the slaughter. They are intelligent men given wide latitude and possessed of intelligence, impeccable judgment and much worldly experience.

Also, the community is an extended one, including widows, ex-operators and retirees. If there really were an "inside setup" which is what you're suggesting, it would not stand.

Additionally, unlike other military organizations, the chain of command is personal, with everyone knowing most everyone else, from the E-5 all the way up to the 4-Star who commands USSOCOM. They look out for one another like no other group of people. They take care of their own and leadership would be all over this if something didn't smell right.

I tell you this from personal experience. I am no brave hero, just a lowly commo guy. I've done some routine support work for Green Berets and Navy Seals, and have been TDY drinking buddies and gone on mountain hikes with a few.

Rest assured, it something wasn't right, they will blow the whistle.

Unknown said...

"Rest assured, it something wasn't right, they will blow the whistle"
Even if it came from the top?

Please don't mistake my post at attacking our military especially our commenders and guys and gals in the field.
I back them 100%

What I am suggesting is this.
Information being given to the news, doesn't add up... that dots don't connect. There are conflicting reports, based on what is being given to the press.
What I am looking for is why so many SPECOPs in one Chinook with no cover.
And a 1980's era US stinger was used?? (lucky shot, as it is being said)
As stated from the outset "What I present here is still being looked at by this blogger....However, I feel it necessary to bring it to light of the ->possible<- events leading up to our Navy Seals 6 Team and their demise,"
I'd like answers because this is a tremendous loss of life and high quality talent in one incident.

Silverfiddle said...

What I'm telling you is the community would never stand for it. If something was fishy you'd be hearing about it in SF and other military and internet forums. We're not.

Also, even guys at the top with 4 Stars, think Stanley McChrystal would put those stars on the line in a heartbeat for their guys.

Finally, the information does add up. People who say otherwise don't know what they are talking about. If some former Seals or other SF start saying this, then I'll listen.

Right now, the people saying this stuff obviously got their knowledge of Afghanistan and Special Forces from books and magazine articles, not first-hand knowledge. They do not know what they are talking about.

I've said this before but I'll repeat it for your audience: This is not the first time an RPG has taken down a Chinook full of special forces in Afghanistan. Such incidents have happened quite a bit over the years in Afghanistan, but usually with regular soldiers.

SF travel around how ever they can, it's not always in stealth helicopters. This was an emergency where some Rangers were pinned down. They jumped in an available aircraft and went to the rescue, a common reaction, consistent with they way they have reacted in the past.

There are conflicting reports because Special Operations missions are secret, it happened in a remote area and many who report on it don't understand their subject matter.

Look, I like this blog and you're a stand up patriot, but please don't get sucked in by conspiracy loonies who don't know what they're talking about.

Silverfiddle said...

This is where the real story is:

Unknown said...

I am talking about the men who have the president’s (and VP) ear that are within the Pentagon. Obama has shaken up the Pentagon with a bunch of “yes man”

From your link:
“Whether a single Chopper used to deliver the thirty eight who perished was a wrong choice is something that the local command is currently dealing with”….Thats my point! Someone fucked up big time.
What the hell are you getting all pissed off with ME about?

I am NOT saying I am buy in to an conspiracy theory, I am saying WHY was this choice made?

Like I said “Information being given to the news, doesn't add up... that dots don't connect. There are conflicting reports, based on what is being given to the press.”
And that most likely is because of the policy of ‘need to know’. Not to many, not even you could ever know the whole truth.

Thanks for the link. :)

Silverfiddle said...

If you'd ever been in the military and in a combat zone you would know why such decisions are made. Many times, there are no good choices, only the least bad one.

Fucked up? A bigger fuck up would have been if the commander on the ground said "Ah, screw it, we can't put that many people in one chopper," and then the Rangers get overrun and we have an even bigger slaughter on our hands.

And I am not pissed off at you. I just get impatient with people, even when they are well-intentioned, when they go off like this about things they don't understand or have any experience in.

It's a war. Shit happens.

The article I linked to criticizes COIN, not any individual action. He said "whether."

Like I said before, keep your eye out for criticism from the SF community and military bloggers. If people in that community start raising red flags, then I'll pay attention.