Friday, August 12, 2011

Last Night Santorum/Paul Debate

This exchange between Rick Santorum and Ron Paul, last night, is what makes a debate, a debate.
Santorum schooled Paul on Iran.
Paul claims Iran is not a threat because they have no Air Force to reach us.

Two things Paul fails to see in his position is that you don't need an Air Force to reach our nation, but Iran backs and supports terrorist who can reach our shores by just coming here.
Second, Iran missile capability continues to grow, along with their Nuclear program.
Currently, Iran has missile capability to reach Western Europe, when just a few short years ago it only had missiles that could reach in to Iraq. That capability is one step short of inter-continental capability.

Obviously Paul had a lot of supporters in the crowd, last night. But the other half of the audience booed Paul's lack of intelligence in Foreign matters.
He sounded just like Obama and the left. Naive and clueless.

It's a good thing Ron Paul wasn't President after WW2, or Western Europe, the Middle East and all of Africa would be under Soviet rule.

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