Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What's in a Name

Over the weekend, the left of the MSM have changed their tune.

The barrage of name calling by the left loons on TV, and even from the Whitehouse, of Americans, everyday, ordinary, taxpaying Americans, the Tea Party Patriots, have been viciously ridicules.

First, a while back the MSM were calling them Teabaggers. Childish to say the least.

Then came Racist, with little actual evidence to back it up only that they don't like the President's policies. Harsh, but M.S. Americans didn't buy it then, nor do they buy it today.

Now we have not only the MSM talking heads getting vile, but the Vice-President of the United States calling the Tea Party Patriots... Terrorist.

Bernie Goldberg explains.

Funny how they couldn't get a bill written for debt reduction for a long time, but they can distribute the talking heads name calling handbook?

But then again, This administration can't even call the War on Terrorism, what it is... A War on Terrorism!
Wonder what happen to "toning down the rhetoric"?


Scott said...

Behind the scenes the White House staff, and probably BO himself are saying..."Shut up Joe...Shut up Joe!

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

This does not worry me at all and wish they keep it up.

They are playing the old schoolyard trick by calling names and often in the hope it 'sticks'. You mentioned the other names that did not stick like racist and this is for good reason.

When they exhibit this behavior they are not calling just one kid in the yard a name but rather million's of everyday, hard working Americans whose numbers are growing by the day in no small part due to such rhetoric. By the way, they vote.

You are correct in that they do not call real terrorists, terrorists and this regime actually refers to them as "Overseas Operatives" if you might recall.

In that vein I would not mind at all them calling me a "Domestic Operative" and yes I have a 2-part manifesto that is widely available to be read and digested for 235 years now actually.

This 2-part manifesto is liberal in the traditional sense of the term and considered very radical to those who seek tyrannical ideals.
I am quite sure you can guess the names of these documents I speak of but so that socialists who might be reading this I will spell it out:

Part I - The Declaration of Independence
Part II - The Constitution of the United States

p.s., I hide in plain sight!

Chris said...

The liberals are epic failures. Just look at the economy and the state of the world today. All they have are names. They will all show their true colors when Americans vote them all out in mass. That is when they will become even more violent and hatefilled. Americans are learning to hate liberals. What's not to hate about these anti-American childish liberals?

Unknown said...

"Shut up Joe!" Scott, caught that pic on your blog. Classic!!! LOL

Nail on the head Christopher, it's like the schoolyard bully who shoots off his mouth, but can't back up there tough talk.
And I'll back you on that 2 part manifesto, any day, any time.

Everything that has been done and said this past two years needs to be pushed back in their face and to remind the American people who these 'creatures' really are.
I want a landslide defeat of their ideology of epic proportions come 2012!

Silverfiddle said...

Is there any doubt that the MSM is just a propaganda mouthpiece for the Socialist Democrats?