Sunday, August 14, 2011

The ClassTax Party

Megyn Kelly returned to Fox News this week and one of her interviews was with Wasserman-Shultz.
Here are a few stupid excerpts.

"Corporation are not people."
Have you ever known a Corporation to exist without POEPLE?

"Just shows how these pack of GOP candidates are out of touch."
Same can be said about the President....

"The most fortunate of Americans pay their fair share"

Megyn: "Paul says it's not a revenue problem."

Wasserman: "Oh they always say that."

"Really, do you think every American believes Exxon Mobil is a person."
No one said “person” they said PEOPLE

"Corporation don’t pay their fare share, and do you know why? Because they don’t."
OK, so if Wasserman says ‘Because they don't’ then it must be……

"And the ridged adherent supporting corporations America and the wealthiest and fortunate few."
Lets see, we are at a 9.1% unemployment rate. What do Corporations provide? Come on, she knows the answer. Notice how she connects wealthiest and Corporations??? But aren't the wealthiest, people? But Corporation are not people?

"We are at the lowest tax rate since the 1950’s"

In 1963, President Kennedy enacted the The Kennedy Tax Cut (Revenue Act of 1964)
At  that time the marginal tax rates were 20% at the lowest echelon of income and 91% for the top tier
After the act, the marginal tax rate was 16% for the lowest of income and 77% for the top earners
In 1965 the tax rate for the lowest wage earners dropped to 14%, top earns dropped to 70% until 1976, when Jimmy Carter enacted the Tax Reduction and Simplification Act of 1977.
At that time the lower income rates dropped to 0% and the top tier remained at 70%
In 1981 Reagan enacted the Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1982, which lowered the top tier to 50%. The rate for those making  less than $5500 continued to drop from 14% rate down to zero.
However, here is where Wasserman gets it wrong on the dems claim that “We are at the lowest tax rate since the 1950’s.”
In 1986, Reagan enacted the Tax Reform Act of 1986. Which lower the top tax rate to 28% (33% "rate bubble" for those making over $78,400)
But Bush Sr signed in to law the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1990 that broke his promise of no new taxes and killed his chance of re-election. The top tier rate began to rise to 31% to as high as 39.6% where it currently resides at 35%

Megyn: What about the 50% who pay no income tax?

Wasserman: Ha, we have to make sure that……
She dodged the question….. She has no answer for that.


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

She is correct about the next "15 months being about choice, the stark contrast Americans have".

Socialists love to say we conservatives are out of touch with the majority of Americans and really do hope they continue to believe this even in the face of reality that is clearly to the contrary.

Just today Drudge is reporting that Harry Reid believes the Tea Party will fade away! These people are in very, very serious denial and I hope they remain so.

I do not underestimate them however but the breakdown they will have in Nov. 2012 will be a sight to see.

Silverfiddle said...

Wasserman-Schultz is the Democrats' gift to the GOP.

Unknown said...

Oh yeah they are in denial, Christopher. Funny thing is, the Dems don't listen to anyone but themselves and their supporters. However we listen to them and debunk a lot of their talking points, like the "We are at the lowest tax rate since the 1950’s". I mean come on, do they not research these things before they make these kinds of statements?

True, Silver. I mean how easy is this going to be to tamp down their BS. Problem, when is the GOP going to use this gift to their advantage more often?

A Pissed Off Irishman said...

Great words my friend... Keep em coming

Unknown said...

Thanks Irishman. You should know that I will. :)

Anonymous said...

Funny how these attack the rich folks never go after rich people like Gore or Soros. The rich people they are talking about are the baker and shoe store owner.

Unknown said...

Trestin, did you hear Billionaire Warren Barfit say today that the super rich should pay more...... but he only pays a rate of 17%? Mr Barfit needs to wipe out the old W2 and add a few more millions to that 17% on his own, to pay to the Feds, if he wants, right? lol