Sunday, January 30, 2011

Egypt- Is This a New Iran-Open Thread

Over the course of the last 6 days, the world has been focused on Cairo Egypt and the mayhem it is experiencing.

So many reports coming out of that part of the world, along with North Africa and other middle east states that are experience the same protest. The destruction is enormous in Cairo.

Some reports have been brought forth that the Muslim Botherhood, which has ties with Al Qaeda and Hamas, is sparking, or at least egging on the un-rest. And waiting in the wings to fill any power vacuum that might be left behind.

It this situation a real fight for freedom?
Or is America's enemy, radical Islam, poised to spark revolution across the middle east?

And what will SofS Clinton do? Word out is she is heading down to Haiti for talks of their situation and get answers on where all that money went from the US and from around the world that was suppose to help their people after the earthquake of a year ago.

You're thoughts are urged and very much welcomed.

I might not agree with them, but please bring them forward.


Anonymous said...

I think its a shitstorm. Sorry for the language

How do we stay out of it? Nothing good will come from being involved. If we support what amounts to a dictatorship we turn our backs on American ideals, but push to hard and find ourselves with another Islamic country that is hostile to us.

I read somewhere that Obama is cutting foreign aid to Egypt to encourage some reforms.

Unknown said...

I don't think cutting aid is necessary, that could fuel decent of the people against America even more. They are hurting big time there, finically speaking that is. But the Egyptian government needs to act quicker on reform and the military needs to keep those radicals muslims away from this.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

If one is a student of history they would remember Anwar Sadat, Mubarak's predecessor who was assassinated.

This is nothing more than more destabilization of the region that has been ongoing since the beginning of time itself.

To think the Crusades were tumultuous, well think again, this will not turn out good.

Chris said...

It happens every time in the Middle East. Revolution,freedom, then they give it to the Muslims and their freedom is gone. You would think that they would be students of history or over 40 yrs. old and told about it. I want for the Egyptians what I have here in America. God given rights and a constitution that put the people in poower over the government.

Joe the C said...

And how is that going to happen, Chris? Should we take it over like Iraq?

They don't want what we have. You and I know this. They will put Islamic fundamentalists in office as soon as elections come.

I've always believed that forms of democracy, many of which we have, is a learned process requiring hundreds of years. And that religion can be a huge impediment to that process, especially theirs.

But looking at our own history, the process it took to override religion and ensure our fundamental rights wasn't a smooth one and its constantly under attack. Our conservative fundamentalists often want to exchange our governments for religious ones of their choosing. so how do we expect a country with a stronger religious history than democratic on to embrace our system?

Unknown said...

"Our conservative fundamentalists often want to exchange our governments for religious ones"
Please explain that comment. Are you saying the conservitives want the church to govern our country?
And please site several examples that conservitives, in large numbers want the church to govern our country.

Unknown said...

I, too am quite concerned here, Christopher. A transition, if it happens, MUST be a controlled process. If Mubarak's cuts and runs, will the army take over. Or will radical Islam move on in.

Chris said...

No I don't want to take them over like Iraq or Afghanistan. So Muslims are just destined to be dictated over and aren't worthy of Life,Liberty and the Pesuet of Happiness? The Muslims don't deserve to keep the freedom from tyranny they just won, is that right Joe? Why can't we stand on the side of personal freedom and a government that will give the power to the people? Iran is pushing for freedom and it seems like the Middle East is doing the same. They could just fall for the Muslim fundamentalist like usual or they could keep that power they took back from their governments. I pray people are waking up to the fact that they hold all the power whether they live under a dictator or not. It seems that everyone,socialist,fundamentalist...are trying to take that power away from the people. All I want is for the people to keep it for a change.

Anonymous said...

Chris, don't try to pander to me and make my comments out to be something they are not.

I am merely commenting on what i expect to happen if given the same chance at free elections as us. I think that they are not really ready for it.

I don't personally support dictatorships, nor do i wish my government to, but in Mubarak, we found stability not only in Egypt, but Israel too. Unfortunately the fact of Israel complicates all our lives. I am glad that i don't have to make these decisions. I would have a hard time supporting dictators and hard time with allowing democratically elected openly hostile governments. Its a position i am glad i am not in.