Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Brits Might Move to a More Competition Style Healthcare System

As the debate begins on Capital Hill about Obamacare and the deep divide between most Democrats and Republicans on this issue, a new initiative is taking place across the pond.

British Prime minister David Cameron says he plans to open up their national Health Service to competition.

Cameron's plans to shake up Britain’s universal health care system that will transfer much decision making authority to general practitioners, and thus bypassing administrators to cut out bureaucracy.

“We need modernization on both sides of the equation. Modernization to do something about the demand for public health service, and modernization to make the supply of health care more efficient, which is about opening up the system, making it more competitive, cutting out waste and bureaucracy.”

But, like always, those who benefit from a socialized healthcare system complain the loudest. The unions!

Gail Cartmail, assistant general secretary of Unite, Britain's largest union doesn't agree with the reform.

“A great number of people are telling us that they think these untested, expensive health care reforms are very unwise and very, very risky,”.

And, like always, they point to some other country to make their point, but avoid the opinions of others to help save Great Britain's money in the long run.

“In Shanghai, the average child is two years ahead of a child here. In Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Austria, or, interestingly, Poland, you are less likely to die once admitted into hospital after a heart attack than you are in the U.K.”

UMMMM not to many children die from heart attacks………………. Poor talking point.

The government’s flagship health and social care bill will be published Wednesday.

So it appears that Great Britain might be moving in the direction of more freer market competition style of healthcare, while Obama’s America is moving towards a European style of healthcare system.
Go figure!


Chris said...

Thank God the Republicans are trying to repeal this jobs killing health care bill before we turn into Great Britian and the other FAILING HEALTH CARE SYSTEM.

Unknown said...

Right on, Chris.
Reid's spokesman said this today about any Senate vote.
"Full repeal means raising taxes on small businesses, reopening the Medicare donut hole, and putting insurance companies back in charge of your health care.”
First off it will not raise taxes on small business, not sure where Harry gets that.

Second 'putting insurance companies back in charge of your heath care' Right now "I" am in charge of my heath care.

And third, I'd rather be in charge of my health care then have the GOVERNMENT in charge of it.
Reid an F'en fool!