Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Reps to Live Stream Opening Session of Congress on Facebook

The Pledge to America folks, aka GOP Leadership, will be streaming live the opening session of the 112th Congress today at 12:00 noon EST. Set your calender reminder.

Here is the Pledge to America preamble:

If you care to watch the opening session and have a facebook account, you can see it here:

Here is some more info regarding the GOP Leadership of the 112th.


Chris said...

It is our job to insure that they keep this pledge. Because if they don't they will become obsolet.

Unknown said...

I think they will, but if they don't and stray, they'll meet up with folks like the townhallers of 09/10.
I watch the 'changing of the guard' today and alls I can say it, 'It's about GD time.' :)

Anonymous said...

Whats wrong with C-span?

Wonder how much productivity was lost by Tea Party types watching congress on facebook?

Unknown said...

Whats wrong with Facebook?
You're wondering how many were un-productive watching Congress on Facebook. Wouldn't that be the same thing as saying 'wonder how many were un-productive watching on C-Span'????...
My company had a link on our intranet site to the live stream of this.
I watched and listen to this from one of my monitors and worked from my other monitor. No unproductive work for me...

AdamsPatriot said...

Mark, from unionist POV it would have been unproductive for the company they work for because they would have stopped working, go to the meals on wheels truck in the parking lot to grap some (ugh) snacks, go to the lunch room, chomp on their heartburn laden feast while shooting the bull with the bros and 'ignoring' the C-Span program on the TV!

All this while not giving a crap about the company's down time and loss of productivity, because, hey what the hell, the bros got paid for doin nuttin anyway!

But because it was on Facebook, and the bros don't have computers, they couldn't screw off to 'not' watch it on TV!

So loss of productivity actually was not impacted at all by this not being on TV!

Hmmm, I'd say the GOP is off to a good start!