Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Triangulation of Dots- Just Not There

What is it with some on the progressive left?

They’re so desperately trying to connect the dots between the assassination attempt of Representative Giffords, Jared Loughner and the political right like Sarah Palin, Michael Bachman, Tea Party Patriots, Rush and Fox News opinion shows and conservatives, for their so called ‘hate speech’.

Let’s look at these ‘dots’, shall we?

Dot 1: Rep Giffords: Here we have an elected official who was out pounding the pavement, and talking with her constituency about todays everyday issues. She was, at one point, a Republican, but changed parties just a few years ago. Fine, great, no problem. She is considered a Blue Dog Dem. Most folks on the right tend to agree with some of a Blue Dogs opinions and principles. So no real problem there.

Dot 2: Political Right: You then have the political right, who by most accounts, again, have no real political issue with Representative Giffords. Maybe her vote on Obamacare, and other intrusive policy. But for the most part they can work with her. Nothing, from this bloggers standpoint, have I seen any vile attacks that could be even remotely considered ‘hate speech’ lobbed towards Rep Giffords from the conservative right.

Dot 3: Jared Loughner : Here you have an individual who is deranged in some form or another, and as Charles Krauthammer put it last night, ‘He, by all accounts of his behavior brought forth to this day, is a classic Paranoid Sycophantic.’ By the way, Krauthammer, is a license psychologist. It has been reported by many who know, or have known Jared that he holds no political views and also is a registered independent that dabbles in devil-worshipper in some form, along with being Anti-Flag / Anti-Global economy. And at this point there is NO proof he read anything from Sarah, Rush, Sean, Bill, me, etc.. or ANYONE.

So three dots. 1 & 2 that connect, 1 and 3 that have connected, but no connection of all 3.

So what could this be that the progressive left is up to?

Could only be what Bunni at Amuzing Bunni commented on her blog yesterday. “liberal smear machine”

Liberal Smear Machine is a full-scale demonization campaign against conservatives, free speech, and the Second Amendment. Many have jumped on the bandwagon to silence the likes of Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, and Glenn Beck.

And if you are conservative, you’re next.

As I see it, it is an attempt by the progressive left to triangulate this incident in hopes to win the debate the progressives have come to realize they are losing with the American people.

Many of my conservative blogger friends have chosen not to post on this whole situation with Rep Giffords shooting and the progressive smear campaign against conservatism.

Why? I don’t know. And that’s OK, I have chosen to fight back, indirectly on their behalf.


Anonymous said...

Mark, i know that you love this country and that you only want what you believe is best for it. And i too love this country and only want what i feel is best for it.

Isn't there somewhere we can start to examine these things without the demagoguery?

The left is wrong to blame Sarah Palin for this tragedy as she didn't do this, she didn't cause this, she didn't have any role in this. The same goes for Beck and Rush. (how it hurts me to let those two a-clowns off the hook. lol)

Somewhere down the line we have to get back to putting our common interests in the forefront.

And that's why i am amused by the Bunni quote, "The liberal smear machine". I hate to say it, but we aren't the only ones playing that game. Haven't been for a long time. Both sides have a smear machine and both sides won't shut that machine down.

That is why i have never been drawn to political talk on radio and TV. Its also one of the reasons i am critical of Bonsai's cut and paste blog. Sooner or later we have to step away from the Democratic Underground, Free Republic, Redstate, and Alternet and figure out for ourselves what is real.

I don't know if we can though. As much as the active right might deny it, politics is their religion now. The same goes for the active left. There are sermons and study of the holy books galore to be found on radio and TV.

And the more preaching i here the more i think they are both wrong.

AdamsPatriot said...

The aggressive and vile rhetoric that has come from the left has built up within me so, that when I heard of the shooting in AZ I turned to my wife and said, 'you see it is starting'.

I had anticipated that this type of vitrol would well up and explode in a violent way between Americans, and now it seems at our doorstep.

Yet it came in the form of a mentally disturbed person without a political attachment.

This action by this type of person has helped me to take a step back and look over the situation.

Joe's comments surprised me and has made me stop and look at his perception of what he hears from the right. I haven't cared to see it from Joe's perception because I don't have a reasonable reliable resource from the left point of view.

As of today, America's leaders need to stop and look over this situation and recognize that a independant menatlly disturbed person has brought out the ugly reality of political vitrol in America.

I'm looking for a way forward, away from this division in America.

Unknown said...

Joe, the best thing Obama said tonight was "For the truth is that none of us can know exactly what triggered this vicious attack. None of us can know with any certainty what might have stopped those shots from being fired, or what thoughts lurked in the inner recesses of a violent man’s mind."

I have been blogging on this since Sat. Because not only what happen is disturbing and carried out by someone who should have gotten help, but the progressives pushed the digger deeper, when there was NO 'certainty' of the reason.

Bunni's "liberal smear machine" was not her quote, but a link to the movement with in some of the hardcore left circles.
I am pissed be on belief at this smear campaign.
But I also appreciate that YOU don't fall in to that train of thought.

Chris said...

Joe what might those "common interests" be? It's funny how you find a way to slam my blog while at the same time trying to talk a different talk. Joe the only difference between you and Bruce is you use a glove and Bruce uses a malet to get your point across.

Chris said...

I love it the way the left start a fight and then when the right fight back they cry foul. Just look at the way the left is saying that Sarah Palin's speech was about her while Obama's was not about him. Look Palin had to defend herself while Obama didn't. But the left can't see that. They look at us as their enemy. We look at their agenda as the enemy to our country. Big difference and that is why the left feel they can act like that. Shame on them for pulling that. There is no shame in defending yourself when you are wronfully attacked by the liberal machine.

Chris said...

A-P, I'm also looking for a way foreward. But if the left keeps on keeping on then I post it. If there is video I'll cut and paste it. Mark have you noticed how the left get upset when the right defend themselves from the liberal machine? Why is that? Why is it that the left rail against the things they do so often? It's their MO. I wouldn't put it past Obama or the liberal machine to take off the gloves like the speech never happened. I pray they don't but if they do, game on. We conservatives aren't going to sit back and let these libs do what they will to us any more. I'm ready to go forward with causion.

Unknown said...

"left get upset when the right defend themselves from the liberal machine? Why is that?"
Simple, Chris. As stated in my post "As I see it, it is an attempt by the progressive left to triangulate this incident in hopes to win the debate the progressives have come to realize they are losing with the American people.

They want us to just shut up so they can march the nation down the path of social justice. And that dream is fading fast.
As I see it, the right, the majority of the time, is preventing that, as that is what this nation was never intended to be.

As stated in my description of this blog "defend the US Constitution, free markets, Personal Liberty and the ideals that have been embedded in to our nation by our founding fathers."
What they don't realize is we are actually defend them too. To speak freely, pursue they dreams (but not their political agenda) to make a better life for themselves, as they see fit within the laws of the land.
But they despise me and you (all) doing such a thing.

Reaganite Independent said...

Great post Mark, just added you to the blogroll at my place fwiw

Enjoy your day, sir

Unknown said...

Thank You RR, I appreciate the comment and the addition.
Hope your day is filled with all the freedoms the constitution grants us all.

Chris said...

Mark I'd like to know why Joe thinks the left did it? "left get upset when the right defend themselves from the liberal machine? Why is that?"