Friday, January 21, 2011

Ding Dong the Warlock's Gone- Era is OVER

Keith Olbermann calls it 'a day' after 8 years as the biggest asshole of assholes on any Cable News Network on the planet... HE... IS... DONE!
Commentator Keith Olbermann signed off his MSNBC cable television show Friday night.



Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Narcissism, arrogance and stupidity til the end, you have to give him credit for consistency.

As for the Tim Russert comment, well Tim was at least classy and knew the discussion and please Tim do not roll over in your grave due to this slight by this POS and to the Russert family,,well find a good attorney and sue the be-jabbers outta this dredge of society!

Anonymous said...


He's not the biggest, nor the craziest, just one of the loudest. The list of who truly is bigger goes like this:

Rush, Hannity, Savage, Levine, Alex Jones, and on down the line.

Chris said...

I'm just glade that I watch his death roll. Ed Shultz is crapping his pants as well. They came after conservatives with everything they had and lost. If Ed Shultz get fired they better watch that psycho. He wanted to blow them up when he was working for them. These guys can only lie so many times before they are in breech of their contract.No one trusts MSNBC for good reason. If they don't get their act together soon they will be gone for good. I bet it really burns Olbermann knowing that Beck,Hanitty and Fox News is growing viewers by leeps and bouns and they are failing. Too bad those boycotes worked against them. People hate the vitriolic rhetoric that hasn't stopped even when the President tells them too. It makes Obama look like a fool when he can't even control his far-left.

Chris said...

Joe it is funny how those people you think are bigger a--holes then Olbermann are doing the best they have ever done in ratings. While the left-wing MSM if at an epic fail ratings. Why do you think that is Joe?

Unknown said...

Good point, Chris. Couldn't have said it better.

Unknown said...

"you have to give him credit for consistency."
And thats the only credit I will give him, Christopher.
This guy has never, to the best of my knowledge, given any credit to anyone on the right.
However, Rush, Sean, Mark, Alex, have given some credit to, at least, Obama on a few things, even though I wouldn't have.

Anonymous said...

Chris, why do i think that is? Okay, i'll bite. Because right wing people like being told what to think by loud obnoxious assholes. I would have thought you'd have known that by how often you advance the theories of them.

And if failing at being influenced by loud, overbearing, arrogant aholes is a fail for the left wing, i am proud member of that group. I've never believed in talk shows on either TV or radio. Except for Valenti and Foster on the Ticket, but thats sports.

But since when is continually cutting and pasting everyone else's thoughts on subjects been anything but a fail. Not using a quote or piece of their work, but the blind copying of another's.

Anonymous said...

Mark, yes you could have. Don't sell yourself short.

I can't say if Keith's good or bad, i've never watched him. Hated him on sportscenter and never decided to watch MSNBC.

Chris said...

So Joe are you trying to say that you have an uninformed methode of making up your mind? Is that somehow better then being informed? That is as diluted as I've ever heard. Keep licking the window Joe and telling youself that you are different then Olbermann,Maddow,Schultz,UAW...It's funny how you say the exact same things as they do. How is that? Don't get you panties in a bunch Joe. It only prooves that you are loosing the battle.

Chris said...

Mark the power of the Tea Party is being felt thoughout the progressive machine and they are scared. Keith tried so hard with to get Beck removed and boycoted. This is renching the left like Holy water on Lind Blare. If I believed in karma I'd say this is it. The left will wake up to the fact that the Tea Party is having a profound effect on the progressive machine. And we've done it without violence. Let's see if the left can say the same.

Anonymous said...

Chris if staying away from loud mouth talking heads is being uninformed than i am proud of that too. But we both know, and you do, that researching opinions from both sides of the aisle and formulating your own stance is important. I'm not a puppet of the UAW, nor those like Ed, and Rachel. But if you'd like a list then here goes...

I DO NOT believe...

in healthcare mandates (Obama's, Mitts or Arnold's)
in using late term abortions for birthcontrol or for minors to have access.
in federal or state dollars for abortion
in the gun control laws of Chicago and DC
in permanent subsidies to profitable major corps.
in slashing the defense budget drastically and leaving us vulnerable
in Subsidizing arts to the extent we have.
in welfare without some effort towards self sufficiency.

So we can find ways to work together if you let us. But we need to work together for all Americans so that healthcare, education, good paying jobs, and a future are available to all. We can't go back to a society of haves and have-nots in those areas. They drag all of us down.