Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cocky Dems Face the Nation

A few days before the Republicans taking over the House of Representatives, a few of the Democrats get cocky on Face the Nation.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) and Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY), square off against Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), Rep. Rep. elect Mike Kelly (R-PA) to make their case for the 112th.

Now I am impressed with Rep Kelly. He is a beltway outsider. Someone from the real world of America who's been engaged with real world, everyday American issues and has a good approach, conviction, work ethics and attitude towards on how he will be involved in righting the American Government ship.
He comes in to congress and appears to be a fighter for the citizens of his district and not for boys and girls of the beltway.

Catch the exchange between Kelly and Wiener and how Wiener becomes cocky when Kelly said "I live in the real world, when people actually have to pay for things. And I loves the fact the 'We are going to pay for it' We are not paying for nothing, not we in Washington, but the American taxpayers. There is such a disconnect between this town (Washington) and the rest of the world"
Weiner response, "This 'real world' business is going to get old real fast This is serious business here"
Wiener just proved Kelly right. There is a disconnect between the Dems in Washington and the rest of the nation.

I got to hand it to Kelly for keeping his cool and not knocking Wiener in to next year.


And Schultz's, while responding to the Republicans first order of business to repeal Obamacare.

"We should be focusing on Jobs and reducing the deficit"
Where were Weiner and Schultz the past 2 years while 9.5% are still unemployed and Americans yelling in townhalls to stop spending and reduce the deficit???

What a disgusting display by these two who NOW care about jobs and the deficit.

PAHLEASE! Who are you kidding?


Anonymous said...

Pretty stupid comment by Whiner, weiner, whatever his name is.

Some of these guys are unsufferable, including Dems. Especially the crazy chicka from Minnesota EH.

Mark, there's alot of deserved backlash against the outlandish and outspoken Dems such as Grayson and them, but almost no backlash against the same from the right by the Tea Party and other conservatives. Demagoguery should be avoid, not used daily at a blog that refers to a tree.

I give you credit for avoiding most of that.

Anonymous said...

i just saw the little byline on your blog. LMAO

Challenge and Subdue? Going a little overboard with the rhetoric aren't we? You write a decent blog, you try to back your opinions up, but in the end its just a blog.

Sorry to interrupt your subjection, but the most you do is preach to the choir. And deal with people making comments. Political blogs don't change people's mind. All they do is reinforce what they already believe. Your readers are already righties or the opposition. Haven't seen Bruce or I change our voting habits yet, so your record on subduing is a lot less than challenging.

Like a receiver throwing into triple teams, you have a lot of attempts and no completions.

Anonymous said...

Don't take that personally. That is just the nature of political blogs and boards. everyone comes in making their points and walks out feeling stronger in their beliefs.

Unknown said...

"no backlash against the same from the right by the Tea Party and other conservatives."
Trust me Joe, every little misstep has been noted and expressed by the TPP to the incoming majority.
If you follow the movement, you'd know. But since you are not a part of it, how could you even know what is going on within it?

Going a little overboard with your rhetoric???
Joe, since when have you ever seen me walk (or ignore) away from a debate with the left?
I have been quite successful in challenging and subduing some lefties. Both here and on other virtual venues.
Subdue, meaning changing one’s mind. Nothing overboard about it, Joe.
I have had my successes. And plenty of them.

I see Bruce avoids my blog... Ever wonder why?
Preach? That can be also understood as 'teaching and informing' also. Which is what I do here. 'Expressing oneself' is always a good thing.

I like to think of it as shooting a puck on net, there are the corners and the 5 hole, plenty of opportunities to score... to change ones mind.

AdamsPatriot said...

For 2 years the libs have raped our country over and over agian(yes, Joe, it's a sexual hyperbole to describe the unwanted actions by the libs by America, but it fits).
Now they are going to be responsible elected officials and focus on reducing the deficit and create jobs?
These people are enough to make me fiscally sick! (yes, Joe, it was meant to be a hyperbole to mean physically ill, but a play on words to mean 'financially' ill.)

Unknown said...

"Political blogs don't change people's mind. All they do is reinforce what they already believe."
Do you have anything that quantifies that statement or is that just your opinion?

The Obama/FCC must feel that blogs have an effect with their attempt to take over the internet. I know, they where just out to get websites that sell knockoffs, yea, but that's the smoke and mirrors of it.
The libs have been screaming net neutrality for 2 years now. I guess they must feel it effects people!

Unknown said...

Like to see them TRY and shut me up, David. You know me, always looking to expose Washington. :))

Chris said...

The Republicans are trying to kill obamacare for jobs. This health care bill is a known jobs killer and inflater of costs of insurance. The Dems have killed jobs and deflated the little bit of money we have left. All with their liberal bills. They have done nothing to better our country or the economy. But thit all comes at a $14 trillion,and growing faster by the minute, price tag over our heads. Every 7 months we are adding $1 trillion to it if we do nothing. But the Democrats want to make it much bigger with even more deficit spending. You watch the Dems hold up any kind of cuts to spending. But they will want cuts deep and hard when it comes to our national defence.