Thursday, September 9, 2010

FEAR mongering

In the last 24 hours we have heard from two 'leaders' (?) concerning the issue of the potential Quran buring in Florida and of the location of the New York Mosque.

The Imam Rauf of the New York Mosque (NYM) threatened America on CNN last night, where he said the moving of the NYM would cause:
"anger to explode in the Muslim world. This crisis...could become something very dangerous
indeed...worse than Danish Cartoon Jihad...Ground Zero Mosque is a national security issue".

The Imam basically says Muslims are intollerant to the American perspective. Americans must 'submit' to Muslims within our own country...or else!

America's President, Barack H. Obama, speaks of the potential Quran burning in Florida, saying it is:
"a destructive act...and could result in 'Serious Violence' against American Troops...a recriutment bonanza for Al Queda".

It appears that these two leaders have just stepped up to the plate and presented themselves as what they have been portrayed as:
1) the Imam as a sympathizer to radical Islam,
2) the President as a weak leader.

Yet both are FEAR mongers for the cause of Islam.

It's not about 'rights' of the NYM developers anymore or tollerance of the Muslim Political Religion. You are exposed Imam Rauf!

It's not about Racisim anymore Mr. President, you are weak and will not stand up for America!

If there is one good thing that has come out of Pastor Terry Jones protest it is that the Imam Rauf and the President Obama have been exposed for exactly who they are.


Unknown said...

"anger to explode in the Muslim world" You know what I would say to Imam Rauf about that, AP?

Bring it on Bitch, because Americans are at a boiling point right now and are tired of this President being weak when Americans are strong and ready to end this Jihad shit against us!!!

Chris said...

This is why we have the right and obligation to have guns and ammo. I think this pastor helped wake up Americans on how off the wall these Muslim cults are. If Islam was a right wing Christian group with guns they would be burning them down like Waco. I'd like to see a atheist performance artist dress like Mohamadd dancing with a dog while eating a pig in front of a Mosque and then call it art. They piss on the image of Christ and call it art and the tax payers pay for it. I'd like to see more taunting of Islam and when they get all crazy and jihadist on us we cancel it again and again until they get thick skin like us Christians and the Jews or they reveal themselves for what they truly are. I tell you one thing if anyone did anything to my family in the name of Islam they'd get some Old Testement from me. Islam has shown us their weakness with the way they reacted to the Koran burning. I can't wait to see the first blind person with a seeing eye dog walk into the ground zero Mosque. The enemy is out there and this just brought them out by the hundreds of thousands.

Unknown said...

On top of that Chris, comments from around the world about this.
-President Karzai said. "Humiliation of the holy book represents the humiliation of our people.”
What about the humiliation of the surviving relatives of 9/11???

-Shiite cleric Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani said "This disgraceful act contradicts the very duties of religious and spiritual leadership to enhance the value of peaceful coexistence and safeguard the rights and mutual respect among religions,"
Well the ACT has yet to take place!!!
And where is the "Mutual respect" of the NY Imam for those who died at the hands of their radicals?

They ignore OUR call for respect, but they want it in return.
Respect is EARNED!!!

Chris said...

It's time they start reeping what they have sown.

Anonymous said...

Wow, fear-mongering. how scary. I haven't seen that level of presidential fear-mongering since the "United Nations speech, The state of the union and the 16 words, Paul wolfiewitz and his speils, and the famous Condi Rice quote.

"We don't want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud." –National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice, on Iraq's nuclear capabilities and the Bush administration's case for war, Sept. 8, 2002

Now what could Obama say that mongers fear anymore than that?

Anonymous said...

look its the Jack russells of the rightwing yapping about National security and what we oughta do.

I say you wanna do something, join the service and put your ass where your mouth is.

You sure some high speed low drag mutherfuckers ain't ya. Iron Mike would be proud to have your ass in his infantry. Where's driveby assholw when you need em. Least he served. Porbably was a truckdriver though.

Chris said...

Joe Iraq did have WMD and they used them on their own people. It's the left that make believe they never existed. And there are a lot of missing nukes after the USSR broke up. Just look at these asshole muslims reading themselfs if a church of 35 people burn some Quarans. That on the heals of the ground zero mosque threats to America. Joe I served my country and I brought back quite a bite of money back from Japan as well. You on the other hand have a union job that I know isn't a real job. Your job makes we the consumers pay for everything you take from us through high prices on the cars you assemble. They have made machines take most of your jobs because your labor price and job quality wasn't worth it. The only person you liberals serve is yourselves.

Unknown said...

Wow, Joe's going for the Trifecta! Settle down, my friend...hey someone get this man a Quran. It'll be OK come November, Joe, you'll see.

Unknown said...

Joe, I have already given you a warning about abusive banter. I'll leave your "mutherfu*kers assholw" comment up for a few, just so you get the idea that I won't tolerate your childish mouth.

Second, I don't need to join up and I will be damn if I will report to O'Zero, I'll let my 357 and 30-06 do my talking. I am ready any time those radicals are ready to face us.

Anonymous said...

Chris, are you saying that we found them after the invasion, when supposedly we already knew where they were, or years before the invasion, like when they were taken off the state sponsored terrorist list at the request of the Reagan admin and then sold weapons-grade chemical and biological material by US companies?

Tired of your trying to semantically slide into the spin machine. Be clear.

As for the former, they did not have the weapons we claimed, at-least not within 1% of what we claimed. They did not have any nuclear ability and while we wasted our forces and energy on Iraq, Iran went and became a regional powerhouse and accelerated its nuclear program beyond what we claimed Iraq claimed.

But nice try.

Anonymous said...

mark, your funny. Your ready for what? i don't see you going over there to fight em. what i see is your REMF butt talking alot of smack about nothing.

personally i prefer a A-bolt II in 308 win. with a Leopold VX 3 65.-20 and my browning hi-power but you go with what you think is best.

And i prefer the L1A1 British version of the FAL to the Ak, or the M-16. But since i'm a 308 nut i am working on a Armalite Ar-10.

AdamsPatriot said...

A true indicator of when a liberal is loosing the debate, is when they revert to name calling!

Joe, who made you judge and jury of whether someone has served in the military or not? What do you know about any commentor on this blog? Oh yea, right, sorry, it's because your a liberal and you have the right to say anything, no matter how ridiculous it may be.

The reason liberals have that right is because of our Constitution and that someone died on the battlefield (in the place of a liberal) for America's Freedoms.

Mark, you have way too much tollerance for this guy. If this was a liberal blog, a conservative would have been gone right after the first comments of 'opposition', no matter how clean the language is and no matter what the persons race.

Hypocricy is theirs, and they are not ashamed to use it!

Unknown said...

Joe, someone has to watch the home front too. Our guys and gals are doing a fine job there. Someone, like me, has to watch the roost, so sympathizers, such as yourself, don't give away the farm.

I'll still take my 30-06 with my 100 yard scope, any day, thank you very much.

Unknown said...

Yea AP, but I kind of like to get them to expose themselves out there as much as possible.
They don't bother me, until they get in my way.
Of course they are Hypocrites, and the more I expose them, the more most Americans walk away from them. :)

Unknown said...

Speaking of WMD, why did this continually get swept under the rug?.....
Was it so we wouldn't offend the Russians?

Unknown said...

AdamsPatriot, Oorah!
Ask any Marine or Navy Seal, there are two things you will never see on the field of battle,
1) Is the enemy walking away...alive.
2) A liberal engaged in battle.
Liberals can't even make it through boot camp, they just run off to DC and bad mouth us! Whimps!

Anonymous said...

Adams, get off your judgmental high horse and set down the load of hypocrisy you bring to this blog.

I can't judge but you and this other chump can? What a crock of stuff Mark doesn't want me to say.

Mark, that piece is a bunch of trash. Nothing but conjecture. No proof.

Anonymous said...

As for why i'm here, its always nice to have the voice of reason to offset the partisan paranoia that lives and breathes here. And i am glad to be that voice, because you guys need it.

Anonymous said...

Littlejohnson, i called my Beirut survivor friend and i asked him how he could be a liberal, because you said that liberals don't see combat and he told me to tell you to go do something i can't print here to yourself.

i'll hit you with alittle knowledge...

Senators who served
Daniel Akaka (D) Combat
John Kerry (D) combat
Jeff Bingaman (D)
Thomas Carper (D)
Christopher Dodd (D)
James Webb (D) Combat
Daniel Inouye (D) Combat
Bill Nelson (D)
Frank Lautenberg (D) Combat
Jack Reed (D)
Herbert Kohl (D)

Pretty good since we don't make it out of Basic

I'm not going through all the reps, because i don't have the time to do all of them, but you get my point.

Unknown said...

Joe "I can't judge but you and this other chump can? What a crock of stuff Mark doesn't want me to say."
When you judge and get it wrong, you're spreading misinformation for the cause of a minority of liberalism. An ideology most Americans don't adhere to.
When folks on the right side of the fence get it wrong, they admit mistake, something this President and the libs rarely do.

"Mark, that piece is a bunch of trash. Nothing but conjecture. No proof."
This post is a combination of FACT intertwined with opinion that most Americans can agree with.
Does 70% of the American people support AZ law?
Answer: YES
Does 66% of American people think it is improper to build the Mosque yards from GZ?
Answer: YES
Do 69% believe that Radical Islam wants to destroy America?
Answer: YES
Does 82% of American think the US Government carried out 9/11?
Answer: NO

These are our citizens who know facts of history don't lie.
Case in point:
Most American know we are at war with Radical Islam terrorist. And it is Global and it might not be a fire fight on all fronts.
But this President changes the terms and calls it "Oversea contingency operation" So as not to offend Islam.
So is he saying that we shouldn't offend Islam by calling it a Global War on Terror? Appears so.
But on the other hand, isn't he saying that Islam are terrorist?

"nice to have the voice of reason to offset the partisan paranoia"
You mean voice of partisan appeasement on your part.
You call us paranoid when facts of history back up most of our words. Folks like you twist it around and change topic, just to avoid reality of opposition to your frame of mind.

You're on the wrong side of history.

AdamsPatriot said...

In my opinion...'Your here', and on every other conservative blog, only because you have a deperate need for attention.

In my opinion: Your paranoia and hypocrisy comes an intense amount of anger and a perverse world view.

In my opinion: You may want to see a therapist before it's too late.

But, then again, it's just my opinion.

If I had any facts to back that up I would direct you to a liberal blog called angryunionist to support my 'opinion'.