Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Message from the Past- What is at Stake

Let us never forget two things.
What 'They' have done TO our country.
And what the message Reagan, still to this day, brought to us about THEM.

My hopes are with our nation to be as the Founding Fathers had intended it to be.
My prayer is that god will guide us to a new appreciation of what we had and our will and determination to have it again.


Chris said...

My father owned a small business when Reagan was in office. As well as when Carter was in office. I remember how hard life got for businesses under Carter. I remember the pain it caused so many businesses owners and the people employeed by them. These times are familier to me. And then came Reagan. Hope came back to the businesses that made this country work again. The economy got better because small business was allowed to grow. The owners of the businesses got to work right away under Reagan, becausae that is a business owners mission. Business will come back and so will the jobs when our government treates all businesses like a gift to this country and it's country-men instead of an enemy like they do now.

Unknown said...

Nice statement and so true. I can remember those Carter years, like they were today... Matter of fact I think I am reliving those days right now. :)
I remember how down I was about our country under his leadership. But then came RR and my American pride reeled again and still reels to this day, thanks to Reagan.

Unknown said...

I remember this time very well.

Recently, Jimmy Carter says he lost the election because of the failed rescue attempt in Iran. Carter is still in was because of economic reasons: double digit inflation and high unemployment.

I got a mortgage for my first house under the Carter Administration, at 12.5%. I was lucky, it shot up to 19% not long after that.

But my fondest memories where of the Reagan years...prosperity was raining down on us. I never made more money since that time, but I have gone through a lot of money since then just to stay afloat.

Now, under Obama, I expect my business to shut any day.

Unknown said...

Reagan inspired a lot of us, both left and right.
I am hoping that the washout of the US Congress this Nov will be able to save your business, David.
Come on NOV!