Monday, September 27, 2010

Will Nov Make the Left More Violent?

John Kitzhaber is a Democrat gubernatorial candidate in the state of Oregon, and with in an open public forum rally for him, a man videotaping the meeting was exercising his first amendment rights, and was attacked by thugs of the organizers who didn't want the public rally filmed.

Watch and see:

What will happen if the left are stripped of their power?
If I have said it once, I have said it a hundred times, BE PREPARED TO DEFEND YOURSELF!


Unknown said...


You will learn what the Constitution says and means.

Is this what's known as 'gang violence'? (Gang meaning the 'left')

Wait a minute, these guys must have been repubs, because the left always says the right is violent, not the left!

But if they were from the right then the left would have called them 'uncle toms'.

It's so hard to keep all this political violence straight!

Unknown said...

Think of it this way, David.
The right debates with their brain.
The left debates with their fist.
Ever run in to these thugs, keep a good distance between you and their fist.
I also recommend that when you (or anyone) go to a public forums, especially if it might be controversial, keep a can of mace with you. That will drop them to their knees in a hurry.

Chris said...

The left have never given up their violence. I just got the UAW Solidarity magazine and they are calling for union members to get involved in civil disobediance among other things. That magazine reads like a socialist manifesto. I got a call yesterday from AFL-CIO to vote for Democrats only. And to become more ingaged in protests. The unions are putting money and muscle into the mix and the violence will follow. Let them become violent. It will turn more people against them and to us conservatives.