Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Faces Who Brought You 9-11

We shall never forget and never hide, nor run from the barbarians who brought us the events of 9-11
{Warning, strong content}

This is the faces of justice by the hands of Males with in Radical sect of Islam

This is torturous action toward the young

And this is their punishment for betrayal of Islam

And punishment for theft.

A pretty brutal justice system by Radicals of a religion of peace.
May god help these poor souls! 

On this day, as we remember our fellow Americans who died by the hands of the radicals of the religion of Islam, and we should not waver, we should not run, we should not forget the innocence who were taken from us that were our neighbors, our friends, our bothers and sisters, our mother and fathers, our fellow Americans.

Radial Islam has demanded we have tolerance for their faith, their people and their Quran or we shall die by their hands.
However, they have shown NO tolerance for America, nor the Bible or the Miqra.
If Rev Terry Jones won't follow throw on his "Right to freedom of expression", then I, Mark Adams will.

The virtual burning of the Quran


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Never Forget, Never Surrender as neither is an option.

Unknown said...

Ooh-rah, Christopher!!!

We SHALL prevail!!
God Bless America!

AdamsPatriot said...

Incredible brutal murderous images.
How can any 'reasonable person' of any political persuasion support a political regime or political religion that does these horrid and cowardous acts upon men women and children.
Where is the demand for world level human rights.
This sick slime of upright walking pile of dung will not take hold of this country, as long as we are willing to fight and change our current cowardous leadership.

Anonymous said...

Did you go out and actually burn a Quran? your all jarheads..lmao

Unknown said...

It was a symbolic burning, Joe but I guess that went over your head anyways.
I don't have the book of evil in my home and never will.